Game reset my compaign progress! AGAIN!

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.33315.0
  • Platform Microsoft Store


All campaign progress dropped after reopened game. Everywhere 1st mission displayed!

Reproduction Steps:

  1. No steps, just fix it!
  2. Reset game data haven’t done anything.

Did your chosen settings under options also got reset?

Yes, they’ve resetted to default. Medium graphics level

It seems, that your whole profile resetted for some reason.
What folders do you have in your “C:\Users{username}\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE” folder?

  • 0
  • 2533274838769286
  • logs
  • testharness

If this folder is also synced using roaming user profiles that could lead to serious problems. Although old fashion these day it’s still used a lot in company networks. Usually applications store their user’s settings below %LocalAppData% environment.

First you could uninstall, remove the folder left overs and install it again. Also this problem could appear if you are logged in with a so called temporary user profile (you should see messages about this with event viewer in system and application log). If that’s the case your profile got corrupt and you will need to create a new fresh user profile.

I’ve deleted C:\Users{username}\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE cleared game data again, it synched but haven’t restored old progress.

So, I should expect future sync failure? What’s a point in xbox live if it don’t want to sync sometimes?

That depends on it. So it does sync Xbox data back, but it looks like it refuses to update the Xbox data after playing the game. Do you use any third party security or antivirus application?

Nope, Windows Defender as is, without custom settings.
Game actually stores some data, because I’ve completed one mission and it’s still there after clear data and deleting Games\AOE folder.

But it’s second time game drops all progress!

First time I’ve installed game on laptop and it dropped everything
Second time:

  • I’ve been defeated in compaign level
  • wanted to start low level diffuculty
  • instead of lowest difficulty was empty field (no text)
  • I’ve selected this empty field
  • Started level
  • Got message something like “empty difficulty id”
  • Closed game
  • Opened again
  • No progress, nothing except saved games and completed Sundjata compaign. Everything else is missing

Well. It’s strange indeed that the difficulty level text box was empty. Next week a big new update is released. If problems persist just post back here. By completing one mission do you mean that you completed the whole campaign and that progress got lost? Campaigns consists of a number of missions numbered from 1 to n depending on campaign contents that have to be played free by succeeding all the mission’s primary goals.

Well, before data loss, I had achievement for completion following compaigns (sorry, have russian localization, can misspell):

  • El Sid
  • Yodit
  • Montesuma
  • Pachakutek
  • Sundjata

Now, I see all 5 Sundjata missions are opened and from other compaigns only 1st mission is available.
After data loss, I’ve completed 1st Barbarossa mission to check further synchronization and this mission was synchronized after data reset. So now it looks like sync is working, but I don’t trust game anymore :frowning:

Campaign balance and achievement fixes seem to be implemented in next build.

Game version 101.101.34055.0
Still same! If I reset game data, it reset all my progress!

Come on! It’s blocker when game resets it’s own progress every time!

Seems 34699 build fixed this error, but made this one:

Why don’t you just fix game instead of making new bugs

I had the issue for the second time yesterday. Was in the middle of Sundjata mission 1 on Hard Difficulty and when I completed it registered as a bronze medal and wiped all of my other campaign progress. Strangely all Xbox achievements retained, hotkeys, saved games and scenario editor maps retained. If a fix isn’t available would it be possible for ‘I R Winner’ cheat code to give campaign medals as it frustrating to keep losing progress like this.

I’m very disapointed with your work! Bug still here!!! Worst developers team ever!!!