Game reviews on steam

So I just went to purchase the game, and was greeted by a wall of negative reviews on the steam store page that completely killed my enthusiasm. Is it really as bad as everyone says it is? What do people here think?


I’m VERY disappointed.

I Finished the first campaign, and it’s totally broken: the AI in most of the missions simple does not work and are not fixed (like building saloons or native embassy). In no mission the AI send his attack wave correctly and builds his buildings all over the place.

The pathfinding is totally broken. Units get stuck on terrain all the time, specially on mission 2. When you enter the cavern, the game simple goes bananas.

Attack-move is broken too. A lot of times your units don’t attack the enemy or simple stand still stuck.

And the most hilarious bonus: Your campaign civ, Knights of St John, does NOT have the Malta flag, it uses the British flag. They did not even tested the campaign.


It has some rough edges that need smoothing, but it’s pretty solid as far as remakes go. I’m optimistic about the game’s future as long as they continue to support it like they have the other DE titles.

It’s worth noting that the three top negative Steam reviews that I’ve seen just at a glance aren’t fans of the fact that all the cards are unlocked by default. So… yeah.


Don’t be disheartened - the game is fantastic. I’ve played the game for around 9 hours already, and have encountered basically no issues. It is not as bad as everyone says - lots of the reviews are people who are unhappy with the name changes they gave the Native American civilizations to be more respectful of their culture. Yes, there will be bugs, but the game was released today. Bugs are to be expected, and they will be fixed. The game is an awesome remaster for the original. If you really decide you don’t like it, you can request a refund for it if you have under 2 hours and own it for less than 2 weeks. Give it a try though, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.


Wow, really? Whata $hit$how…

Yea I’ll give it a go but I dont recall the other two titles having so many bad reviews when they were launched.

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In my mind… If you expect someone to pay for something, you should finish it first. It’s disappointing to see how this game was released in such a buggy and unfinished state. I would not recommend purchasing it until the bugs are addressed.

I don’t think it’s healthy to support this practice of releasing unfinished games only to fix them months or years down the line. That is if people actually get around to fixing them.


Yes sad state of affairs indeed

I don’t mean to come across as rude, but what bugs are currently in the game? I honestly haven’t noticed really any. In the games I’ve played, the pathfinding seems pretty good, attack ground works pretty well, and I haven’t noticed any game breaking bugs.


Yes, the same. Game Is really good imho


Performance and framerate issues, herdable units(sheep) are hearded to the town centre for no reason, random crashing in the multiplayer, AI basically non functional.(Much worse than the orginal games AI)

I played the Betas and expected many of these issues to be fixed in the final game, but they were not. There were many more bugs I encountered in the Beta(and haven’t had the chance to check for in the final release) but I felt so uninspired seeing how little had been fixed in the few single player games I played that I’ve pretty much given up for now.

Reading the forum and reviews it looks as if many more bugs from the beta also havent been addressed.

I get many of these bugs could be classified as merely “annoying” or “inconvenient” but I think that misses the point. There should not be so many bugs and so much weirdness in a “finished game” people are expected to pay for. I know people worked really hard on this but it would have been better if they had more time to actually finish the thing and fix the bugs before release. A delay would have been understandable.


Oh :smiley: I noticed that too but thought I might have selected and moved them by mistake.

I do not like the multiplayer “area”. Played some games vs KI there and that worked out as expected. Except that I could not really recognize some unit types. It is really fuzzy when zoomed out :frowning:


If you trade your ability to think for people’s review that played the game for less than 3 hrs then, there is nothing to do.

Most people are complaining about card system being immediately available when it was the Most requested thing. I saw 0 post on any forum to why they should not remove it. The blatant likes to make those same review relevant from over 200 people that spoke nowhere, makes me think… lets leave it.

People complaining about 4k 200% sampling not being able to play on their gtx 900 series… like really?

There are legimite complains ( like the performance issue for High level graphic cards ( 1070+) but the majority of them aren’t.

Aoe2 hardcore fans also don’t like Aoe3 and people can purchase game, review and ask a refund, so don’t trust any review with very few hrs.


My ability to think is perfectly intact, thanks for your concern. I do however need to base my decisions to spend $$$ on products on something, and not having played the game myself, reviews are the next best indicator of quality for me specially when compared to the other 2 games in the series these ones seem specially bad.


Most common complaints in reviews I’ve seen are

  1. performance issues (something very likely to be fixed eventually)
  2. crashes and desyncs (probably also going to be fixed)
  3. if you bind camera movement to WASD buttons - it bugs out
  4. all cards are already accessible from the beginning and do not require grinding
  5. poor UI
  6. devs made the game more culturally appropriate for no reason

I don’t agree with some of those “downsides”, but afterall, it’s up to you.


I just downloaded it, I am just poking around a 1v1 against the AI. The performance is definitely bad on my system and I am above the recommended specs. But yea I’ll continue to explore…

Maybe thats a point for single player. But in multi player I really love that there is no grinding. I can remember the games where we were searching for ppl with the same hq level to have even games. The city level now just shows how many games a player played with a civ (and for me thats totally fine)


It is bad, it’s nothing more than a 4k texture for $20.

Pandering to sjws is not content.


Imagine getting mad over some letters changing



Have you played the Campaign???

I challenge you $1000 dollars if you can finish the Blood campaign and not find the broken stuff I listed. Just do something: go to mission 6 in Havana and order your settlers to get food from the sheeps and tell me what happens.

And can you stop boot-licking this game company…? HOW are you gonna defend that they used money and time to make “native american civilization more respectful of their cultures” when they basically abandoned the campaign and your Civ uses the wrong Flag…?

Use time and money to change the native names that no one asked…? CHECK.

Fix the campaign that is literally broken…? NO.