"Game saved and exited for restoring"?

Hello lovely community! I was playing a 2v2 on Nomad with a friend, and it was going incredibly well (it was very obvious from the start that I had a commanding lead in score), when all of a sudden, I get the classic “game saved and exited for restoring” message. I know that this isn’t an option on DE so I was quite confused and I have to wonder - is there anything the other players could have done to cause this? Maybe to try and save their rank or something? The reason I ask is that it happened just as I was delivering the killing blow (castling his tc), and we all know that saltiness can lead to foul play. Of course I didn’t get the win for the game, and there is definitely no way to restore the game, even if they would have let us. Don’t worry though, I definitely haven’t ruled out that it was an actual game crash(there’s plenty of them), but who could blame me for being suspicious… Would I have posted this if I were losing - probably, but it would just ask if anyone else had the bug (haha). Curious to see if anyone has experienced this, thanks aoe2 DE forums Look forward to hearing from you!

*I was advised to post a file of the recorded game as well, but it seems I can’t upload that type of file here, let me know if anybody knows a way around that *

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So, this happens when a player or more desyncs from the match. The causes for that can vary, but commonly happens when someone have a big spike on low performance on their side.

I couldn’t understand for sure if the game that you describe was ranked or unranked, but when this happens on unranked matches the host gets the option to reload the game on the last available moment before the desync, invite every player back and start from there. On ranked situations I believe that the restorement can’t happen, since matches are set via matchmaking.

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Ty, it was ranked, but its good to hear that it was just the game and not the players - I feel the community prides itself on fair play, do you think it would be a good idea if crashes didn’t effect the ranks of the players involved?

Now that you said that I believe that the desync match interruption is not intended to happen on ranked games. Crashes are different, when a player crashes they simply resign, as with you just closed the game. Desyncs differ a little from normal crashes. You could report this desync thing as a bug at #age-of-empires-ii:aoe2-de-bugs

I really don’t know for sure what to say about that. I think this could be fair/acceptable in some situations, like early lefts. And at the same time could be pretty annoying on long games to a opponent leave and be unpenalized. You also need to watch for things like system abusing and stuff like that.

Loss forgiveness is always a hot topic on competitive games and need to be approached with many care. Something that could work instead of loss forgiveness is penalty forgiveness for losses in specific situations. The player that stood still gets a win, and the player that left still scores a loss, but don’t loose any elo points. But I don’t know in what situations that could be applied.

Thanks for taking the time to provide a really good answer - I’ll report it over there like you said.

An old explanation of desyncs I found, for anybody interested


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OK. I’ll try my best to ELY5. AoE2 uses a turn based system to “simulate” real-time (also related to tickrate systems). The turn times are so small that you won’t notice the difference to real-time simulation. What that practically means is that AoE2 syncs up your game at least every 50 ms with modern internet connection speed.

Now what happens if a packet gets lost? (BTW: It doesn’t matter if it is caused by network problems or deliberately by the player). In other games, let’s say a First-Person-Shooter, you would see the desynced player’s model stutter or run into walls. Other models in the game would likely not be affected. Usually, after the player is synced up again, the model will be beamed back to the correct position and the game can continue.

In AoE2 this kind of correction is not possible because everything is important for the game state. To minimize network traffic, pretty much everything is simulated on the clients and there’s no central server that can validate it. If a movement command is lost, this can cause a chain of events that leads to a building not being destroyed which can then still produce armies, etc. pp. Therefore every lost command has to be resent and the state of all players has to be constantly validated. Reconstructing the valid game state is not that easy and it can confuse Age of Empires 2 quite a bit. That’s known as the out-of-sync error, where the game has to pause to let other players catch up with the correct game state.

These desyncs can of course be done deliberately by sending faulty network packets to the other or just by disconnecting an reconnecting a couple of times. This will also create problems for other players, since their backend receives conflicting network information, which can lead to a total halt of the game when AoE2 is not able to reconstruct a valid game state anymore (“out-of-sync hack”).

As this is part of the network design, I’d say it can’t be solved unless the whole multiplayer backend is rebuilt. What you can do, although it might be unreliable, is spam taunts, messages or flares (or any player command). Because every command also acts as a method to sync, sending these commands in periods of less than 50 ms will make the desyncer drop because his game “thinks” its game state is already too far behind. It can be explained like this: If a desyncer disconnects, he knows the last turn where the game was synced. When he reconnects and the turn timer is 5 turns ahead, the game thinks that around 550ms=250ms have passed which is acceptable for a reconnect. By spamming commands you can move the turn timer way further, e.g. 100 turns instead of 5 in the same time. Reconnecting then will make AoE2 think 10050ms=5s have passed, instead of the actual 250 ms.


I’d also like to add - its friggin awesome that the “whole multiplayer backen is rebuilt.” The future of AOE2 is looking brilliantly bright :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry to point that, but I believe that your enthusiasm was built over a misconception about what the text author really meant.

What they meant is that this is a problem with no easy fix. Would demand a complete reformulation on how the multiplayer functions to actually work around. Not so bright future there. :sweat_smile: