Game score need an update


It’s not very important but it could be nice to remove team score when there is no team.
And don’t display the last digit of the score, it is meaning less.
It will display less stuff and remove useless informations.

And also the color number when there is only two players
Remove the “:” between the player and the score.
PS I have update the post because I am dump

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Game score can be pretty useful.
Or being exploited like others might say.

It gives you an indication of how the match goes and also see something about the strategy of your enemy, even in 1v1s.

I would be fine with just skipping the last 2 digits.

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The last two digits of the score are far from meaningless, for example they can tell you exactly when your opponent clicks up to feudal (provided the devs manage to fix the bug where the game lags when your opponent clicks up… come on, it’s been like three months…)


That’s kinda why I like the last two digits because pros can use this to determine if their opponent it us or not.

But I like this idea team score is definitely not needed.

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Yes, go to feudal reduce your score of 50 points. The second digit is very important. (I thank it was 500)

In my head the drop is much bigger, so you could still see this without the last digits. I assumed you can still see these drops. If not true, then they are indeed important.

Yeah, i also thought about 500, but it is indeed 50 (10% of the resources spend).

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Scores must be removed. Too many crying for mandala and here you have a couple of numbers that give you important info for nothing

I agree to remove team score when playing 1v1, but there’s no reason to skip last digit…

it would also be better if score didn’t give an indication of when someone is up (particularly Castle/Imp are very easy to spot by a score drop).

Thoughts on this?

In return and to balance it out, the TC perhaps could have some unique effect when aging up, so that going up could be scouted.