Game should keep battle setup of the last Skirmish battle

Hello everybody! I would like to suggest an improvement to the game’s battle setup.
I usually repeat the same formula, in which I face three enemies alone, two on the same team (Intermediate and Easy) and one other also alone (intermediate). As a map I choose random, because i like the surprise element, as for the color and civilization, i also choose random (yes I love the randomness options). It’s a simple setup that only takes me a few seconds to set up, but it takes some time.
The problem is that I have little time to play and I would like the game to save the last Battle setup when I play again, saving me some time.
It is a simple thing but it would be a nice adition to my experience.

Thank You for your atention!


They have that screen of random preset skirmish settings, they should just let us save our own settings in those spots.