Game so uncompetitive due to bugs

Just saw a good game on stream today getting spoiled by 7 vills getting stuck on tp and 5 cannons doing it’s DE cannon dance.

Are devs really just unable to fix these obvious bugs? Just frustrating playing and watching seeing these bugs happen that had been there from day 1.

Devs, why is this so difficult for u guys to fix?

Or u guys prefer to make add ons that nobody play like bombard brawl?


The cannon ones is really annoying. It makes artillery unusable.

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Pathfinding is also worse then vanilla. Units will get stuck in your own base when you have build buildings close to eachother (while still having big enough gaps) and will get stuck in layers of walls when the gates are next to eachother.

Its not only in competitive but also casual that this is really annoying. I had a game as Lakota and had a lot of bisons due to the infinite card, my entire army got stuck in my own base and withouth even trying they just stopped moving after 5 seconds when I thought I had send to defend. My teammates base got raided because my cav archers couldnt help.

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