Game sometimes just freezes, no disconnect message at all, never resumes

So I’ve seen this new problem a few times now; will be mid-match and all of a sudden entire game screen just freezes. Interface is still responding, so it’s not a client crash. Units just stop moving/freeze in place. Unit sounds can still be heard, music still plays. There is no disconnect/reconnecting message like there used to be. Internet connection is still fine. The game will stay in this state forever, unless I alt-f4 or quit the match. When I quit the match, client goes to the home screen and will say ‘Reconnecting…’, but it never will reconnect. If i go to Notification screen it says ‘Attempting to reconnect…’ and never does. I have to alt-f4 and re-launch the client.

Is this some kind of new drop-hack people are doing? Or is this just a really, crappy client/server design flaw? Anyone else experiencing this?

This is a new issue I’ve never seen since launch. I’ve had my client get stuck in ‘Reconnecting…’ mode before but it was always just after client launch, never in the middle of a game.

It’s a bit concerning that at any moment in a ranked match the game will just freeze.

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I have just loose two matchs in ranked 2vs2 because the game crashed before the game even started.

So this problems happens even in ranked.