Game starting with black screen on steam


I have windows 11 playing on Steam and AOE IV deluxe edition. Can’t launch it: I got a black screen from the beginning with some music and then nothing.

I have already reinstalled the game, already installed the latest driver version( Nvidia 1070 ti)
I have an AMD 5900x with 32 GB of ram and SSD
I tested dxdiag and it came back all ok
I already tried to reinstall the game but the same black screen reproduced.
I also tried different resolutions but no change
Please, do you have something I could try.

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Do you have the 4K visual pack installed? My system configuration is very similar like yours and I have the same problem with black screen here (Dev answered already): Black screen when set 4K movie quality

I can’t even see nor access any menu. I end up on black screen and the only thing I can do is close the game (alt+f4 or terminate)

Can you open the menu with ESC? This worked for me.

unfortunately not I only see an AOE style cursor but that’s it nothing can be done :frowning:

Sometimes ESC is not working too on my system. I don’t know why. But it seems to be exactly the same problem. I can only see the cursor, everything else is black. But the menu sometimes works with ESC. I can only play if I change in the graphics menu to 1080p movies.

Other possible solution: Uninstall the 4K visual pack DLC and try to play again.

I just tried to remove all DLC but did not change a thing. I am not sure at this stage what else to try…

I have no more ideas what you could do. I deinstalled the game completely and installed it again. Now it works everything. It seems something was wrong with the preoload.

you are lucky ! I just try to uninstall and reinstall on another drive but still not ok.
Not sure if we are a lot in this case or only few poor souls lost in oblivion :’(

someone from support to save the day and allow me(us) to play this week end?

Ok I found what was wrong, I actually had two CGU 1070 and I removed physically one. the problem disappeared and I can play just like everyone else. I guess that will do for now and maybe this information might serve someone else.
Thank you @WalterGraf for your support too, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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