Game Starts and on loading video just freezes ever since new Patch

Ever Since I downloaded this new update my game crashes right on the loading screen of starting up the game not sure whats going on. I tried re-installing, fixing, downloading the latest graphic drivers and nothing. I have Windows 10 64bit not sure If I’m doing anything wrong but a bit frustrated since this new update.

im in the same place was working the day before the update and now stopped

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Okay so I restarted my PC and ran the game as administrator and waited till the intro video ended and it worked but the issue I have now is that when I start a game it freezes on the loading screen of the game. What the heck happened with this new update?

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same here, idk wtf happened

Same here, with the only difference that it freezes in the queue/menue of any singleplayer/multiplayer mode and doesnt even show the loading screen.
Any updates on the issue? At least its a frequent thing :frowning:

The support team just answered with the standard “reinstall, check drivers etc.” as if everyone wouldnt do that anyway. Kind of insulting to be honest :frowning:

Same here since the new patch, what I do is just waiting for the intro to finish and the game correctly starts. Whether I try to click to stop the intro (as before the patch) the game freezees and I have to restart.

We’re investigating this issue and working on a fix, sorry for the inconvenience.

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Has there been any solution still trying to get in the game but nothing works.

We released a hotfix last night. Are you updated to the latest version of the game, and still having this issue?


I have comparable problems but there is no update available for me unfortunately. (Game from Microsoft store)

Any update on this? The problem still occurs. (Game from Microsoft Store)

This still occurs and takes around 5 minutes to load up the game. Is there any incoming solution?

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Are you using a third party antivirus?

Yes but it has never created any problem till the update before the new DLC release. Also, the game has been added to the anti virus exceptions.

Sometimes you have to add the game again after a new update, try adding the whole folder of the game to the exception list.

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I also have this issue, I use Microsoft Defender as antivirus, game from microsoft store, no mods installed, I aint buying the game on steam again, i have all the dlc on microsoft store.

The game on Steam starts just fine, while the one from Microsoft store doesn’t

Is this being tracked?

unfortunately i dont think it is.

I still havent received a helpful reply on my issues in a different thread about comparable problems:

My current state (as described in the last comment in the other thread, see link), is that everytime I want to play the game I need a full reinstallment and then copy and paste a few folders. Then i can launch and properly play the game ONCE. If i close the game and open it again (even if its directly after a session where everything went fine, that is after a full reinstallment), the crash reappears again.

This occurs in 100% of all cases. It still bothers me that these issues seem to be ignored.

It would be interesting to know the following: What changes in the files if I launch the game a second time after installment? Because then the crash appears, but not with the first launch after reinstallment. Does this help with identifying the issue?

Maybe I should elaborate this once again: I reinstall the game. I go to user/games/Aoe2de and then delete the folder that has the name 2535413501091985 (I dont know if its always the same name or a personalized number code, so it might differ). Then I paste a previously saved version of this folder so that all my settings/hotkeys remain. Then I can run the game properly once. If i close and try to play again, it crashes again.

I have tried to delete and paste older versions of all respective folders (logs, the mentioned number code, metadata, preview etc.) and this doesnt help. So this means that something has to happen with the files in the actual game folder, not in the user folder that causes the crash upon second launch, am i right?
The actual game folder is not accessible though as it is hidden within the windows apps.
So again the question, what might that be? What is different in the game while launching it a second time, compared to the first time after reinstallment?

pls reinvestigate this issue and thx for any support

This error still occurs at every game launch (game purchased via Microsoft store), it takes at least 5 mins to get into the game after a black “loading” screen. Any chance this gets tracked and solved at a certain point?