Game Starts and on loading video just freezes ever since new Patch

Ever Since I downloaded this new update my game crashes right on the loading screen of starting up the game not sure whats going on. I tried re-installing, fixing, downloading the latest graphic drivers and nothing. I have Windows 10 64bit not sure If I’m doing anything wrong but a bit frustrated since this new update.

im in the same place was working the day before the update and now stopped

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Okay so I restarted my PC and ran the game as administrator and waited till the intro video ended and it worked but the issue I have now is that when I start a game it freezes on the loading screen of the game. What the heck happened with this new update?

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same here, idk wtf happened

Same here, with the only difference that it freezes in the queue/menue of any singleplayer/multiplayer mode and doesnt even show the loading screen.
Any updates on the issue? At least its a frequent thing :frowning:

The support team just answered with the standard “reinstall, check drivers etc.” as if everyone wouldnt do that anyway. Kind of insulting to be honest :frowning:

Same here since the new patch, what I do is just waiting for the intro to finish and the game correctly starts. Whether I try to click to stop the intro (as before the patch) the game freezees and I have to restart.

We’re investigating this issue and working on a fix, sorry for the inconvenience.

Has there been any solution still trying to get in the game but nothing works.

We released a hotfix last night. Are you updated to the latest version of the game, and still having this issue?


I have comparable problems but there is no update available for me unfortunately. (Game from Microsoft store)