Game stil disables all mod with no way around it

its has been years, and it has been annying me for the same amount of time.

every f*** time an update drops the mods are disabled.

i just updateed my game, knew the mods would be disablaed, reenabled the mods, closed the game so that upon restart it will be active, see steam still says game is running (because it takes a few more seconds after closing the game until you can start it again until steam relasied it is off) and then… i didnt fell like playing anymore.

cmon guys, can you not gives us an option to reneable the mods half automatic after you frocefully turned it off.

this s**** behavour of the game has cost me hours summaried over the years and many times prevent me from playing becaue i was too annoyed to take care of the mods (and i dont play withot atleast my own mod ui of geojak)

its s***, you know, I know, everyone knows it.

pls find a better solution