Game still crashing (since lords of the west update)

Also PUP from april is crashing too. Happy for the people that had the crashes fixed with the patch. But for the rest there is no hope. At least I have already 1k+ hours on DE 11. See you next month!


This isn’t just a single person issue. Me, and all the people I play with (over 8 of us) are having constant issues too. It’s been pretty inconsistent since LotW. Almost always “out of sync” for us, sometimes ctd. Everyone I play with runs on windows 10, we’ve all checked our steam files, updated graphics, etc. None of that is seeming to help.

Dev team, it would be much appreciated if there was some insight into what’s going on.


My brother and I have have noticed a pattern where if one of us uses the Quit Game button instead of the Resign button, it will immediately desync for everyone else.

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Ever since the last update my AI (non-MP) games have been crashing much more frequently. I’m not exactly sure what it would be - I usually do 4 v 4, all bots (and myself). This last one, I had a 60 minute treaty time. Medium resources, 400 population on Black Forest. It crashed 50 minutes in. Luckily it auto-saved (6 minutes previously, so not the best but better than nothing), so I loaded it back up and it crashed again at roughly the same point as the first time.

It doesn’t seem like some random OS/hardware issue. It seems like a consistent problem with whatever was happening in that particular game at that particular point. Before, I would rarely ever get a crash, even if I was playing games that had been going on for 4+ hours. Now it’s 50/50 whether I can play even half as long without a crash.

Pretty discouraging because I work almost 50 hours a week and if I’m going to put aside a couple hours to play, to have it crash an hour in and then keep crashing every time I try to reload it means I just wasted an hour on a game I can’t even finish.

The PUP (public update preview) build for the next patch is working for me.