Game takes 5+ minutes to load in

Game Version:

Build (100.12.43871.0)
Platform (Steam)


Games takes 5 or more minutes to launch

Reproduction Steps:
Launch game
Queue quicksearch
Find a game
Game gets stuck on loading screen for 5+ minutes, always in the same spot

Things I tried
Reinstall the game
Update GPU drivers
Launch a single player game(this loads just fine)

I dont see a spike in gpu ram or cpu. I have a good computer, 10900k, 32gb ram, 1080ti, WD black M.2 SSD.
This has been happening ever since the latest update. Never had the issue before.
Any help appreciated.

Is your game installed on a SSD or HDD?

Sorry I just edited my post. I have a WD black 750 m.2 SSD.

So this problem only happens with multiplayer?

Yes, I can load into a single player game just fine. Or an online game vs a bot. Only in an online game vs another player does it happen.

Check to see if the same problem happens when you record game in single-player mode.
I heard you get this bug when your security software is preventing creating recorded games.


It might be your network having issues, maybe due to antivirus, VPN, etc.

This was it, after some playing around it was malwarbytes causing it. Thanks