Game uninstalled itself

Game Version:

DE, Steam platform, build not available but it is up to date


Double clicking game icon launches installer. navigating to the game on steam shows “install” button where “play” would normally be.

I know that the game files are still present because I had 4Gig free HDD space yesterday and I have the same today. I do not know where they are though. I looked in C:\Users\Neil\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\ but all I see is about 70mb of log files.

I attempted to uninstall DE through Windows add/remove programs. The icon was present and I selected uninstall. Steam opened, no operation was performed however, and the icon is no longer in the Windows add/remove programs list. I still have 4Gig free HDD space.

I cannot proceed with installation because I don’t have enough free space!

Steps to reproduce are unknown.

Please help me to either:

  • Fix the problem
  • Purge all the old data from my HDD so that I can do a fresh install.


Do uninstall through Steam.