Game with "Two Button Mouse" option unchecked is unplayable

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.35584.0 4714640
  • Platform Steam

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Go to game Options
  2. Go to Interface
  3. Uncheck “Two Button Mouse”

Once you do this, normally you can play the game mostly using the left mouse button, however a change in the way the “Click drag selection box” is handled, and I should insist that I have noticed this way back in the HD days, has made the game unplayable if you want to click faster.

I have done an extensive comparison between the original AOE2 and the new ones, and I am quite confident that the reason for this is that the drag selection box minimum has been decreased to 0, which means a slight mouse movement (While clicking the left mouse button) causes the selection box to appear and the currently selected unit to be deselected, which means you cant fast click on the map to send a unit somewhere, since it’ll just be deselected.

In original AOE2: Drag selection box appears only after you’ve moved the mouse more than a specific number of pixels
In new DE: Drag selection box appears immediately the moment you move the mouse.
Result: Game is unplayable

A simple fix for this would be to increase the minimum amount of pixels the mouse needs to move before the selection box is started when you are left clicking the mouse.

This has been reported elsewhere a while ago:

Please fix this for us, guys/gals who are used to playing the game without Two Button Interface, we’re too used to it to switch.

Thank you.


Can anyone think of a temporary work around to this problem? It’s ruining the game for me :frowning:

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Bump, anyone, please?

Bump, please someone help.

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Bump, anyone can help please?

Dev team, please add this to your TODO, pretty please, it’s a simple if() instruction, it existed before and you removed it :frowning:

Bump, we’re in self isolation, plz fix this so we can enjoy the game, I’m still playing in Voobly while I paid for a DE copy that I don’t get to enjoy. this is such a stupid thing to happen.

I’ve just seen the latest update announcement, you have time to add ornaments and superficial visual effects, but no time to fix a critical game play issue like this :frowning:

This is so frustrating, no one is even replying to explain why this issue is being ignored.

I feel like I wasted money paying for this version.


I filmed the issue clearly visible in DE:
And in the original game it works correctly as designed since 1998:

Make sure to active sound in imgur to hear my mouse clicks.

This was broken in HD too, I bought that game and never played it because of this as well.

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Developers should respond what do they think of this issue and if/when it is gonna get fixed.


Same problem here (my version is from Microsoft Store). I hope this gets fixed soon since it’s not playable as of now. I bought this (and 3 of my friends yesterday) and we cannot yet play because of this bug.

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Thank you for the report, including a very helpful video from @FastestGlint752! I’ve written this up for investigation by the team, and will let you know if they need any additional information that might help.

Thanks again!


Hello @GMEvangelos, thank you so much for giving this attention!!!, you’ve made my weekend. Looking forward to a possible fix.

Have a wonderful day.

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That’s great news! Looking forward for the fix. It says “solved” when the bug still exists. Please let us know once it’s patched.

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where is the… what… when… my left click don’t work and i’m starting to have mental problems.

whats the fix??? 20 charactures

Hi @GMEvangelos it’s been almost a year and still nothing has changed, there are other users not enjoying the game, new reports here: Game with “Two Button Mouse” option unchecked is unplayable :: Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Game Bugs

Please please, see if you can ask the devs to fix this, this is such an easy issue to fix, I bought the game and it’s sitting in Steam, I can’t play it nor enjoy it as I am too much used to the single button interface.

It was working perfectly in the original Age of Empires 2, it’s such a sad feeling not being able to enjoy the newer version, I don’t know what else to say to get attention to this problem :frowning:

Hoping to get a positive response.


Welcome to the Definitive Edition of AoE2


Please fix this issue.

Please fix this issue