Game won’t let me claim victory!

So I’ve been trying to get these tasks done for each country and for some reason it will not accept I have defeated the opponent.

I have checked everywhere, built watch towers to gain close to 100% visibility (personally once you have upgraded everything you should be aloud a visibility upgrade) I have mined everything. Demolished every building killed everyone but nope nothing.

Really annoying as I will have to quit now and won’t give me the victory stat.

This game has so many bugs, why rush a game like this. The originals were amazing and for the price you started selling this at there are more negatives with the game than positive.

Sadly I am a new user and will not let me tag photos.

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Do you have any victory conditions set for the match?

Yeah, just the buildings though not wonders or sacred sites.

First time it’s happened to me to be fair on Skirmish

And it happened on campaign as well once, but thought it was just me messing up on the tasks, repeated the campaign section and pretty did exactly the same and same issue.

Notice a few glitches with the task as well. ‘Win a game on east mode or intermediate, I’ve done them and I have received the trophies to say I’ve won. So it’s a bit confusing

Someone once said that it was apparently caused by the AI starting to build a ram, but not actually doing it. It seems to count as a unit, but you can’t see or target it, basically locking you into a draw.

@TripFox4985 is almost certainly correct; we’re working on it! Thank you for the report @JGilligon92.