Gameplay mode suggestion

I think AoE2:DE needs a mode where players have a strong incentive not to use house and other buildings as walls. So that they want to protect them from being attacked rather than use as a makeshift barricade. The new AoE looks really beautiful. And the way players have to place buildings if they want to improve their chances of winning unfortunately goes counter to that aesthetic. I understand many players are perfectly happy with the original mechanics. But I also think that when the game was designed originally developers wanted to see realistic looking towns surrounded by walls and towers. And only due to complexity constraints we ended up with rather abstract looking town layouts.

totally. Shame this feature is so rooted that it’s impossible to remove it.
My friends (who are new to the game), when they see me quickwall with houses they say “you are dishonest! You are glitching the game and using exploits to win! I’m not surprised no one plays this **** game!” and i think they are right, sometimes.
I don’t think your regular medieval peasant would be able to block a passage wide as a castle in less than 2 seconds, completely frustating a raid attempt. But AOE is not historically accurate at all - and i’m ok with that
As for weird looking cities, i’m ok with that too. Remeber, even planned cities could end up with more population than they should - and thus creating slums in the outskirts, for example. This is something Anno 1404 got right, and one of things that made this game awesome.

I’ve an idea:
When placing certain buildings – houses (at least), farms, production buildings, etc. – players would have an option to click and drag and build a line/grid of buildings. This is a feature in a small number of RTS games, like Supreme Commander. Constructing a line of buildings is something the game already lets you do with walls.
It would be really handy with houses, and a great improvement if houses are the only building that can be built in this fashion. If other buildings could benefit, that’d be even better!
See diagrams below for a visualization of this concept.

Honestly I do want a nerf on quickwall. Make foundation blockable after 25%. Right now it feels too much.