[Gameplay Suggestion] Within 1 tile from TC, herdables can't be converted and

herdables in general can’t be killed by scout like deers although it might be tricky to do it as they can be converted.


Livestock that can be herded and converted should always be allowed to convert. If you want them to stay nearby but not harvest them, build an enclosure with palisade walls. Domesticated animals are not exactly smart, so it’s not hard to lead them away. The way this works now is the same for everyone, so I’m not sure how a “no-conversion buffer” represents a balance suggestion.

It is to prevent situation like this: Enemy scout is near TC, you garrison, you accidentally click your sheep that has been converted because Scout was there and you kill it.

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so basically you want to take away as much human error as possible.

People stealing your sheep after you’ve collected them and stored them next to the TC is a form of laming is much rather be without (not talking about sheep scouting, particularly on Nomad and with Vietnamese)

It feels wrong and unfair, and almost noone does it. (Please don’t use that as an excuse not to patch it out, most assholeery is rare.)

I’m not sure whether the proposed solution is ideal. Keeping all sheep within 1 tile of the TC sounds awkward.

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Just one example, there are other situations as well. But basically yes, prevent human errors. The second option is there because… if they can’t be converted, the enemy scout might try to kill them (not a mid/hig elo thing)

The TC will just be like any other unit. Near it, you can’t convert.

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The game says that sheep can’t be converted ‘if they’re in another unit’s line of sight’, which would be pretty big for the TC. Though the sheep conversion behaviour has always felt a bit janky to me, and I don’t quite understand how it works.

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Celts: Allow me to introduce myself

Ok I understand better what you are suggesting. It’s annoying when that happens but for me, I am okay with leaving this in the game. It doesn’t happen that much and you really shouldn’t let a Scout get that close to your TC :thinking::grin:.

I still don’t understand how this is a balance issue, but your suggestion is nonetheless welcome. If enough players want this, then perhaps you may see it in a future patch. Cheers!

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Yes, it says like that but it isn’t like that because It is the original los of the unit so doesn’t matter any upgrades.

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Never happend to me. I dont see why we need this.

I think this change would make laming worse. Your sheep will stay yours when enemy scout near your TC, so he can use his scout to kill your sheep. He could kill 2 or 3 before you bring down the scout, which is a good deal for him once he has done enough scouting.

That is why I wrote the second part.

right no killing of sheep… that’s more of a sweeping change, all in the name of helping noobies with micro? I don’t really need to say more because it won’t happen.

P.S. there is no need to click the enemy scout with the TC, they will fire automatically when in range

I don’t know why you cling to the example. Yes, no need but most of the time, you will do it by reflex because you are used to attack, for example with archers.

Yes, helping the noobies like always the game has been doing with its qol improvements.

It’s not a balance problem. Just leave 1 villager un-garrisoned and your herdables can’t be stolen.

Depends on their position under tc.

Put that villagers in the right spot on the map…