Will the gameplay be the same and only the graphics be improved? Or will they try to “touch up” the entire game.

Have… you…

Have you watched the trailer? With your eyes? Hint: the timestamp for the answer to your question is 0:56

That being said, it is presently ambiguous how far-reaching the adjustments to gameplay will be, and I’ve made a couple attempts on reddit to ask directly about particular things, but I think at this point they’re pointedly avoiding clarifying certain points until later.

Possibly the game is still in-dev enough that certain features may-or-may-not be in, so they want to avoid fully committing to anything. Or maybe they just want to avoid “spoiling” a lot of the features because they want the impact of the full announcement to be that much larger! They’re managing the hype levels rather than letting them drain out too quickly. They want an explosion. That’s my guess.

Either way, given their radio silence, I think the only strategic move left to make right now is to just wait and keep an eye on the News page… or… the official AOE Facebook page, really.

I think they’ll improve something.
Few minutes of E3 clip doesn’t get us anywhere isn’t it ?

When I watched trailer the gameplay looked sluggish… That’s why I asked this question.

Sluggish? Why would it be sluggish?

Sluggish? Why would it be sluggish?
Slow, boring, not competitve, not attractive for no aoe fan.