Games Bug and Balance!

1:America first age card:Chinese TP can’t place.
2:Chinese Russia fortress have a bug can produce Uhlan

Games Balance
Chinese is weakly in 1v1 low Ranking,Because Chinese stepper and Keshik is so difficult to use.And New Amry no people to use!Only 789 Rush or FF
1:Stepper Hitpoint become 160,Keshik Hitpoint become 125,Damage become 9
2:New Army become send an Territorial Army using 400 Food or send two Territorial Army need 800 Food and can produce Territorial Army in age2!!!
3:Add Chinese Mongulian combat.Can +25% Hitpoint and Damage in age3
4:Changdao against cavalry 2.25x→3x

Could fix it for game?

Please fix it!!!I think it’s a bug!