Games for Windows dowload

Hello -

So I recently upgraded my PC to windows 10 and seemed to have lost my copy of AOE III. I tried re-downloading via the new Xbox PC client but the game is not even available. I called Microsoft but they are of no help. I have my original receipt and do see the purchase in my history. I purchased the game from them and they can’t even help me out. Has anyone been successful and re-downloading the game without having to buy it again?

Hello, unfortunately it is not possible. The Games for Windows LIVE service has been shut down and discontinued long ago, there is no chance of recovering your game from there.

These days you can get the game officially on Steam:
It might be a good idea to wait for a sale though, it always goes for about -80% during the periodical Steam sales.

Out of curiosity I attempted to download and install the Games for Windows Live client here and was able to do so. Your mileage may vary. I’m as just as surprised as anyone that Games for Windows Live hasn’t been completely retired.

I tried re-installing games for windows and if it connects, it just says unable to retrieve purchase history.