Gamescom 2018: No MS conference / No mention of AOE


‘Anyway AoE IV must be released by the end of December or at early in next year 2019.’

Haha, seriously, there won’t even be a stable alpha build with all the in-game mechanics/content at this point.

You won’t see AoE IV until summer 2019 at the absolute earliest, and I think that is seriously pushing it. The upcoming DEs for II and III will be released before IV. I still think ~2020 is likely, as it was obviously announced way, way too early.


Maybe, but there will be no AoE III H.D. AoE III is already H.D. dude. I don;t know about AoE II and AoE I but definately they are much older then AoE III.

So they raised the quality of the much older AoE II called definative Edition!!!


Please comment on topic.


You do realize AoE III: DE is being made, right? I mean they announced (and have since confirmed) that both II and III are being developed. I haven’t just invented that.


I fer this guy isn’t well informed.


They did announce aoe4 a bit to early, but at the same time i’m glad they did. I am not to happy about them stopping any type of communication though. Write something about it every month… I don’t care what they show. A small screenshot of their new engine, one house of a certain civ, or maybe even an estimation of the timeline the game is set in.

I think the best advice i can possibly give to Relic, is to learn from what sandbox interactive did whit albion online. They started selling the game during the alpha of the game and they reacted very well to any feedback of players. They kept changing the game to make it the game their consumers wanted to play.

And here is the most important part: most aoe players would absolutely love to pay money for playing the alpha, as long as the game itself is included in the package at launch (and you don’t have to pay a second time for the same product). Besides playtesting the game and the server for free, the player feedback early in the development stages is absolutely golden for any developer. Ofcourse not everybody will like every change to the game, but at least that way it is easy to avoid huge mistakes 80% of the players agree about.

But somehow i think Relic couldn’t care less about what we want from the game.


Let me tell you something about Relic: they will never change, they will never adapt, they will never improve their communication.


Maybe this confirms AOE at GC?

I really don’t know what other series this could refer to, and a lot of the hints point to AOE

“Big comebacks at Gamescom
Our sources are telling us that Gamescom 2018 will bring back some of the titles of the late 1990s/early 2000s to scratch that nostalgia itch of yours. Remember that magical time when games were flat, strategic and made you think and plan? Well, we have high hopes that those beautiful hand-drawn sprites will come back.

Will it be another bunch of HD remakes or some full-blown 3D sequels? We don’t know. So keep an eye on the headlines and expect to find yourself on very soon, binging on some classics from the golden decade of video games.”



Haven’t M$ already confirmed that AoE won’t be shown at Gamescom?


Good. I Hope these predictions Will be true


No words about AOE’s presence


I believe that was was never officially confirmed either way. The community manager said they had no info if AOE would be at GC.


There will be no AoE III D.E.!!!


I’ll just leave this here:


Joe Holmes only said there are “No news either way on that, sorry.”

But that doesn’t confirm, that we won’t get any information about Age of Empires at Gamescom.
Maybe he isn’t allowed to tell us non official information about the game.
He said:
“If there are updates on Age participation at Gamescom or anywhere else, we’ll announce them over twitter/on 5”

But of course it’s not very likely we’ll get new updates on Aoe.


Gamescom Will start Tomorrow and no info about AOE.
Some producers are There, in Cologne, but my hopes are going down


The MS livestream ended. Seems like we picked the right clues. Neither of the upcoming AoE titles were shown nor mentioned to any press, not even DEs.


Thank you MS for all these info. Thank you. The worst marketing ever. No words. The biggest PC conference in the world and no news about One of the most beloved game in the world


lol it’s great isn’t it :laughing:


I’m at a loss for words. Other than celebrating 20 years of age, why announce three titles in 2017 and then you can’t share a single detail within one year and at the same event? I have to agree this is a complete lack of professionalism and this series died with Esemble back in 2009. In Jan 2005 AOE 3 was announced and in Oct 2005 there was a game to play. All within 10 months. If the effort is not going to be put in to communicate and engage why bother with these projects at all?