Gamescom 2018: No MS conference / No mention of AOE


Yeah. Great (or not?)


I just find it hilarious how inept they are. They have all this money, all these resources, a great brand/legacy with the AoE games, and they blatantly just don’t give a ■■■■. It’s impressive in its own way.


I am upset. From my point of view, this is horrible game promotion… not letting the community know anything for a whole year straight… half the people who were hyped about the game probably don’t care anymore. I used to come here hoping for some new news on AoE2 DE or anything else, yet now I know not to check the site because there will not be any news to get excited about.

You can’t tell a kid they’re gunna get a toy and then wait over a year to just give another hint at what it is.


Where are the remasters of 2 and 3 you promised. I am chill with you guys taking your time with AoE 4 but remasters should be done quickly…gamescom was prbably the last chance to hear any such news


I’m not sure if Relic(AoE IV) is working with Forgotten Empires(Definitive Edition )


Once the game is released, nobody is going to be upset that they announced the game early.


Unfortunately this is the only info by MS

People asking for news but nothing.


Let’s get Bill Gates fired right away!
And MS should give top priority to AoE IV
Bring Masa Son noooooooow!


I’m glad that you’re so easily swayed and lacking in any form of conviction when it comes to the video game industry, and how developers treat their fanbase.

You might buy any game regardless; others do not. I don’t buy EA games, and at this rate - given how bad CoH2’s development and updates were, and then DoW III - I may well end up stop buying Relic games as well.

I think it’s important to have principles, Andy.


How many discussions about that. And many others in different forums. It’s incredibile. This site is going to die. AOEDE has been released on february and since that date only few patches and no interesting updates. Only AOE’s episodes and weekly streams.


then why did they made a aoe 4 trailer a year before??


Could be plenty of reasons. Could be because they wanted people to talk about AOE4 to see what people expect from such a title today so they know which direction to go with the development, which I think is always a plus. Could be because they just wanted to build hype again around AoE and RTS. Could be that they feared of possible leaks before revealing it much later. Could be a combination of these reasons.

I, for one, am happy we know early on that AOE4 is being developed. And you could say that you like to find out the cake is already on the table when you get home. But for this particular situation the cook is unsure what ingredients to bake for the cake after all this time, hearing folks actively voicing their opinions about it in the kitchen is surely going to help before having it on the table. You could try patch the cake later on the table if it ain’t tasty, it may improve it a bit, but it still could and should have been a lot better with some advice and feedback.


Don’t you understand the difference between a promo and a trailer?


that was a teaser. not a trailer.


This is what I call a teaser, because it does show some content. The promo or maybe even better to say announcement video doesn’t show any footage of the game. It’s only to show they are really dedicated to continuate the AOE RTS franchise gain, which is fantastic news of course. Time doesn’t matter.


Thanks for posting. I was hoping for some action too.


Time matters for old players mate :slight_smile:


Thank you for complimenting on my young age. :smiley:


Maybe some updates are coming. Adam Isgreen and Shannon Loftis are flying to Vancouver. (Relic’s offices are There).


Probably to close the studio.