Gamescom 2019: question to AOE team

Gamescom Is coming and as you know this is the main PC gaming conference around the world.

Is Relic Entertainment going There with Forgotten Empires?


aoe2de will be at Gamescom, so Forgotten Empires will be there. Nothing else is known.


Man I wish Age Of Empires was available on Xbox One I am a huge fan of Age of Empires. I played the original game when it first came out . It has been years since I played it but I still know the basics,tutorials etc. My question is: Is it or will it (ever)be available for the Xbox One??? If not I would eventually like to see aport to Xbox One.

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From the official AoE Discord FAQ:

An Xbox port is not currently in the cards, but we’re not closing the door on the opportunity to so in the future.

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