We will see what they announce, it looks like they announced AoE 4 being ported to XBox now which we’ve known for a long time. Maybe they will announce the mobile AoE game that was mention during the anniversary event. Personally I hope we get new on AoM re

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Depends what you mean by development. The patch today came with stuff that they’ve obviously been working on aside from the console edition launch, and they’re already advertising another update in late September.

If you mean “new civs”, then no, they haven’t announced new civs. As a developer, “development” can be difficult to parse sometimes.

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no take it as : they are gonna announce something tomorrow

If it’s a DLC I’m gonna be excited for you guys (AoEIV playerbase)


if its dlc won’t change anything of the current 10 civs gameplay wise

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I want some news on AOM retold. Just that.


RELIC just do the same in dow3 and aoe4。
its named nothing

Yes, and I thought they had learned their lesson with DoW 3, but it seems not…

Yes, I agree…if they announce and show something about Retold and AoE Mobile it will be a hit…

Well, I didn’t deny u… lol

AOE 4 Will be there, today. So, i could expect some new announcements for civilizations and more. Hope to see also AOM Retold


One is a game that’s back to higher concurrent player numbers than III: DE, and has just launched a console edition with an accompanying PC update.

The other is a game with no active players whose active support officially ended in early 2018.

One of these things is not like the other. But I appreciate that some people have axes to grind.


I honestly wonder why people compare AoE 4 to DoW 3. Yes, 4 still has issues but apart from both being developed by Relic, they have nothing else in common. Like it or not, AoE 4 is the 2nd most played game in the series and has much better ratings than DoW 3.


I know the answer.

AoE4 16% voted.

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People try to find arguments to try prove their point in not liking the game and for that reason the game is dead in their eyes. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yeah, I hope they show some AoM Retold gameplay (if they release it in October, that would be awesome)…

Yes, that’s true… it’s just that the failure of DoW 3 is like very recent and it’s the game immediately before the release of AoE 4… obviously AoE 4, belonging to the saga to which it belongs, can hold up longer, but I don’t know how long the game can last without missing the train…

I wouldn’t calling a game that stopped receiving updates about 5 years ago recent…

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Well yes, I mean in a recent period of the last 5 years…

You can’t compare them two its like apple and orange. One game being aoev4 has the second largest active player base of its franchise and the other has less players and the support for that game stopped 5 years ago.

With your logic then aoe2 and aoe3 are dead games too.


Is it maybe because MS announced back in 2017 that Relic will develop AoE 4 shortly after DoW 3 came out?