Gamestar magazine First preview (the full article Is only for Premium users)

I’ll try to do my best with english (it’s not my First language, i’m italian)
I don’t speak German, but these are some points of interest:

  1. There are more civiliztions on final game with unique strategie, units, and different art style. I think less civiliztions but unique. For example, through the epochs we’ll hear different languages for some civiliztions.

  2. the Graphic Is the best 3d engine for a RTS game and they’re again working on It because It Will be the main engine for tulhe future Age titles…Relic Will work on them…

  3. there are the same resources seen in Aoe2: wood, food, Gold and Stone;

  4. great historical research Is done on every builds, unità and civilizations;

  5. the medieval Setting has been chosen to bring the serie at New Life. It’s most famous Setting for the serie;

  6. There are more epochs: maybe 4, if i understand well

I can’t read the full article. Someone Who has a Gamestar subscription, could help to share the other info.


great , good work vecchio mio!!