Gaming experience with 2c4t CPU from 2010

My hardware: good old Clarkdale Core i3-550 @ 4,44 GHz (185x24), 16GB DDR3-1333 @ 1486, RX460 4GB unlocked 1024SP.

My buddy (R5 2600, 32 GB DDR4-3000, GTX 750Ti) and I play Turbo Random Map Multiplayer fast gamespeed 8x250 with obviously 6 AI players on a “local server” through a 100MBit LAN Switch.
The gaming experience is really allright 99% of the time. Just around the height of the fight there is one 4 FPS near crash for 10ish seconds and afterwards we can play very well to the end. The MSI Afterburner log shows somewhat max 40% CPU and 30% graphics usage. Since the i3-550 is a dual core with HT this means the game utilizes only 2 cores. When I disable HT in BIOS the CPU usage is ofc max 80%.

(Other games are way more GPU heavyweights: World of Tanks SD client Ultra/High: 100% GPU / 50% CPU usage for ~ 90 fps… Guild Wars 2 Medium/High exactly the same for ~ 35 fps.)

Would the Community suggest an hardware upgrade anyway for Age2DE despite low CPU/GPU usage?

you need a full PC upgrade if you are still using DDR3.

You can get good budget prebuilts, otherwise its ok to build your own

What’s your budget and country?

I’ll always build on my own from used parts. Yes from Skylake / Ryzen onwards I have to buy DDR4. Of course I can build me a new PC with B550, 5600X, 32GB, RX6700XT, NVMe SSD and so on and so forth. But that’s no the point if I don’t gain anything and now just have 13% CPU usage with my shiny 6c/12t and the same gaming experience.

You will gain a lot if you play other games :joy:

And RAM is definitely needed for this game,

Oh yes I saw this RAM hunger. The Afterburner shows somewhat 7GB real and 10 GB virtual memory usage during the game with nothing else happening on this PC. I started with 8 gig but I sensed memory swapping of some kind and the gaming xp was mediocre. My SATA SSD is meh and just connected with SATA II 300. With 8 more gig it’s now well playable.

But do I just lie to myself and although CPU/GPU usage is quite low now there really is something to gain? Somewhere in the past with Age II HD I often read: “8x250 multiplayer Turbo on fast game speed… Are you crazy??? This is heavy even for an i7-4770” or something like that.