Garde Imperiale Unit For France

I think it’d be pretty cool if the old, young, and middle guard for France delivered a special Imperial Guard musketeer unit instead of grenadiers since people never really send it as is. It could work similarly to the giant grenadier and do aoe damage from normal shots but switching to grenades when sieging. There should also be a way to get more of them ideally, but I’m not sure how. Nizams and Rangers replace cards for units of the same type as them but France actually has no cards for normal muskets. Anyway, just something I’d like to see from a possible future France rework, and they do have the fewest unique units of any civilization currently.

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Yo comente sobre la vieja guardia hace un tiempo y no me hicieron caso xd tenia pensado que fuera una unidad de mosquetería que tuviera mucho daño cuerpo a cuerpo una excelente resistencia a los ataques cuerpo a cuerpo (una ligera armadura contra armas de asedio 15%) y que tuviese la capacidad de un aura de “miedo” que hiciera más lento el ataque de las unidades enemigas cercanas (claro que solo estarían limitados a 15)

Surtout que, historiquement, la jeune garde était une unité de tirailleurs et de Voltigeurs. Et que le reste de la garde utilisaient plus leurs mousquets que leurs grenades (ils n’étaient “grenadiers” que de nom).

Un changement intéressant serait d’envoyer des Voltigeurs, des Mousquetaires et des Grenadiers en fonction du type de jeune/moyenne/vieille garde.

They have just a unique unit, but one of the best if not the best. France is in a good place thanks to having every single unit in the game with cards to buff all of them.

Why france can train gendarmes and hussars while germans cant train dragoons??

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Cbds are a unique unit as well, and they’re beastly fighters.

Because otherwise age II France doesnt have cavalry.

Also hussar costs -1 pop, and while you can say the same for Dragoon for war wagon, the Germans also have the dopplesoldner which can easily deal with mass cav, better then dragoon I would say.

“Mounted riflemen” and “royal horsemen” mercenaries are basically modeled on the French elite units (historically).
French should have some cards/church techs that access or unlock them.

Same for harquebusiers, giant grenadiers, etc.


If they get any native shipment of the Royal house of bourbon (royal musks/dragoons).

Some mercenary shipment from its long list of historical candidates: Zouaves, Royal Horsemans, Napoleon Guns, Fusiliers, Mounted Riflemans, Irish Brigadiers.

Even some unlockable in tech / church…

The French it would seem to me super complete.

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I think there’s a temptation to try and recreate the fantasy of Napoleon’s Grande Armee. For a time, the French military was the dominant force on the European continent and so many suggestions come forward out of that wanting to make various unique units from it. And truthfully, we could find similar justification to do this with many of the civs in the game.

Ultimately, though, there’s a balance that has to exist in the game. The civs must have strengths and weaknesses. France has terribly strong cavalry. It has good skirmishers and excellent artillery. Now, if we come up with various justifications for giving them strong musketeers as well, we’re looking at a civ with a land army that has essentially no weaknesses. And France gets a respectable navy as well. It’s not as dominant as a British or Dutch navy, but it won’t lose you a game on a naval map. While this certainly fits the Napoleonic history, it’s not good game design.

Truthfully, the French church card is a bit lackluster. I hardly ever use it. The Young, Middle, and Old guard grenadiers are fine, but you can quite easily live without them by simply using falconets to do the same job on mass infantry. The Napoleonic Code buff is nice if you wait to research it til you have your main city built. Perhaps the issue is just that grenadiers are rather “meh” as units and don’t feel like much of a bonus when you get them.

FE seems to have decided that future grenadiers need another function as well as their slow wind-up AoE anti-infantry attack. The soldados do more. The giant grenadiers do more, etc. Maybe what really needs to happen is simply a buff of the basic grenadier across the board, rather than trying to create yet more “unique” grenadiers for the French Garde Imperiale. Maybe these ones need to come with the grenade launcher card built in? (That is, you must still send the card to build them at the foundry, but the units which spawn don’t have the long wind-up to attack, and get the extra range.)


Históricamente hablando Francia domino poco Europa, militarmente hablando ese poder durante la edad media y parte de la moderna lo tuvieron potencias como, Inglaterra, Prusia, Austria y España

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i could not have said it better myself. you nailed it

I would like the French grenadiers to be replaced by Mexican soldiers but in French uniform, and with the Refurbished Firearms card. I would also like the French to have a card that sends Mamelukes, in a way that represents the “Mamelukes of the Imperial Guard”, and also a card that sends Polish Uhlans. And so, I would like the Grande Armée to be represented in other ways, but as others have already mentioned, the problem with this is that it could be very broken…