Garrison to death

Simple question… should garrisoned units die if player don’t ungarrison them before the building «collapse»?
Asuming that units don’t get automatically ungarrisoned when the building’s HP lows to certain level…

No it would just be a quite bizarre lose for the player.


idk seems for me to overpunish a small mistake as for almost all buildings you can garrison in they will be ejected before this even can occur under most cirumstances.

Imagine 25 trebs firing at once at a fully garrisoned castle and everything inside dies before you even have a chance to react (exaggerated)

But you could to keep units inside buildings more time… it depends of your timing for leave the building

Bt at the same time leads to exploits and even do toxic strats to just obligate the player to have 100% of the troops inside of a building, to just destroy the building and lose all? bad design

It sounds like a cool feature - but units currently automatically ungarrison well before the building collapses courtesy of well practiced fire-drills

Would be cool if the building suddenly gets hit with enough damage to destroy the building suddenly before the automatic command to evacuate might commence for them all to perish tho.

No, game is already easy enough to snowball into a win after taking out a castle, so this suggestion is like putting a hat on a hat.