Garrisoned Relics Bonuses

I really like the rush to go for the relics in Castle Age that the Lithuanians introduced with the bonus attack they have, whether you play with or against them.

I would like to see Relics play a bigger role for more civilizations, especially those civilizations that have Monk bonuses or Monk civilization style.
The ones that come to mind are Aztecs, Burmese, Italians (maybe), Saracens, Slavs and Spanish
-Aztecs: They already have a bonus associated with Relics, but it would be great to change it based on the number of Relics your team has.
-Burmese: Add armor to the BE up to +2 -and maybe a bonus to the UU- (not sure)
-Italians: They are not a Monk civilization but it could be a nice bonus for them in some way, maybe give archers armor up to +2
-Lithuanians: Reduce the attack bonus in Castle to +2 and keep the same bonus that they have in Imperial up to +4
-Saracens: Do something similar as an attack bonus but on Camels or make Monks cheaper
-Slavs: Increase the armor to the Monks or the armor to the Siege
-Spanish: Increase the range of Monks and Missionaries with each Relic (and speed) and also give the Conqs some bonus

not a fan of this because you’re literally taking away from what makes Lithuanians Unique, and power creeping the game at the same time.


I don’t like the relic feature too much. With full feli s the civ is extremely strong. Some maps it can be very easy to get too. Without relics the civ is just plain FU paladins, which are nowadays nothing special. Some maps make It hard to get relics, or don’t have any relics in custom games.

What I am saying is that I don’t like the exposition to this map Dependance and by how big the Effekt is (nothing to borderline op)

If course this is just my opinion.