Garrisoned UI

Is there a possibility to change/switch the UI Interface for Towers/Castles etc. after units are sent in?

In picture 1 everything is fine. You can read the stats, how much damage, hitpoints, armor etc.

In picture 2 is the status screen gone through the garrisoned people, but i would like to see the stats.

Solution: maybe a double click on the small building icon could bring me to the buildings stats overview?

That´s it.
Thank you very much!


This also annoys me, I would propose Ctrl+Click to be the keybind, as it basically has that functionality already. If you select a Villager and a Scout for example Ctrl+Click on the Scout drops all Villagers from the selection.

This is not great, hopefully it will change.

I would also put out a reminder about the TC garrisoning whereby the villagers stand in a line like hockey substitutes and you can only ungarrison to the north of the TC unless I have missed something?

There definitely needs to be more flexibility with ungarrisoning.

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