Gates health changes when they Open if modified in the Scenario Editor. Help?

Hello. I have gates in a Scenario which I have used the Modify Attribute effect to change their Health Points. It seems to work, until the gate is opened then the health changes back to the original value… very annoying indeed since the scenario involves attacking bases and I want stronger walls.

Here is an example. I changed the Paliside gate from 400hp (normal value) to 9000hp. It works fine but whenever the gate is open the health goes back to 400hp. It will return to 9000hp as soon as the gate shuts but any damage it took while being 400hp will basically be multiplied. So if the gate goes from 400hp to 200hp and then changes back to 9000hp it will now be at 4500hp.

I have tried using Change Object HP as an effect as well, same issue only worse because the hp will not change back to the modified value when the gate closes. I have tried targetting the gate directly as an object and also setting it in an area using Paliside gate (down.) Paliside Gate (up.) etc.

It really ruings my scenario to have this happening, any idea how I could fix it or a creative work around would be most helpful!

@Juggernaut8704, @BassiAoC, @PhillySouljah any of you help?

closed and open gates are different objects, therefore the issue.
I don’t think there is a work-around yet.

There is a work-around I figured this out myself. You can target the gates by using the hidden Name ID #s for open gates.