Gather ideas from different games

Guys we should take ideas from different games

  1. From 0A.D.: u can take many ideas like battlefield with infinite soldiers plus city building nd civilizations.

  2. From cossacks: we can see tht when cannons fires any building the peices of buildings flies in sky and hurts units.

  3. From rise of nation (Microsoft game): u can take the territory thing.

  4. From cities skyline: u can see tht how far we can zoom in and zoom out it would make the battlefield feels so real.

  5. (Suggestion given by DjBillE) From warcraft and tropico: units actually went in mines so in cossacks

  6. From 0 A.d: there i noticed tht there was rather than gold metal was available gold is an essential thing but they should add metal too now.

For sure there are many interesting features in other games which could inspire the devs while still remaining within the AoE spirit.

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Of course there is but it doesn’t seems like aoe developers trying to learn anything from other games

Well, units able to go on top of the walls may have been inspired from Stronghold series.


No offense but m trying to gather here as many ideas as possible from other games so they don’t go unnoticed so please put some of the ideas that u witnessed

In tropico and warcraft the unit actually went in mines

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Now this is wht i am talking about