Gats are too cheap

In team games USA players just make gats while their opponents just make musk or goons. I think 100w and 250c are too cheap for what Gats can accomplish. To kill a Gat you need to make a culverin that costs 100w and 400c. It does not seem like a good trade since culverins only do 1 thing.

When players only make 1 thing to win in a team game then it usually means something is wrong. I have even seen some USA players forgoing villager pop to have 150 pop in Gats.


Yeah, Gats are my least favorite unit in the entire game. Whenever I see USA I think ‘how am I going to deal with Gats’ and I have to make my entire strategy about how to try to deal with them. They are OP for sure, especially compared to their cost and ease of getting too many of them via cards. I would much rather face 2 falc than 3 gats, nevermind 5 gats via the inevitable double sending of the gatling card. And they don’t even have to build an artillery foundry either! Meanwhile the opponent has to build a foundry (if they are lucky enough to have culvs) and build 2 culvs, probably more because the USA player will inevitably be focus firing the culvs with all of his units. Just hope the USA player has bad micro and leaves them undefended by the 20-30 musks he will have nearby.

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Gats are not OP. But I will agree that they are a pain to deal with when USA just builds gat guns and their allies cover for them. But also that is called teamwork. It is equally annoying when people do the same thing with organ guns. You just notice the gat guns because people play USA to build them. I mean if an opponent just sunk all the resources into falconets in age 3 or horse artillery in age 4 and their allies built cover unit for them the result is the same.


I completely agree, its a bit of a joke how cheap they are it starts to seem like a joke, they should cost the same as calvs at the very least. they should also be 5pop instead of 4.

If you made them 5 population they would need to by buffed in HP or something, otherwise they wouldn’t be population effective and to weak

well they are better then falcs and they are 5 pop?

Gats are indeed not OP, this post is about how they are too cheap. They are clearly the best bang for your buck artillery out there being only 100w and 250c. At the same time, the Actions per Minute required to counter them is very high.

cannons in population and cost:
12 Gats (48 pop) (cost 4200)
12 Organ Guns (48 pop) (cost 4800)
8 Horse Artillery (48 pop) (cost 4800)
9.6 Falconts (48 pop) (cost 4800)

Of all these options you could say they are about the same in damage capabilities but the big difference is in how Gats move and unpack fast. This makes Gats better able to deal with Culverin. If you are given 4 culverins against any of these options you would be able to micro to beat everything but the Gats. Additionally, since there are more gats (similar to organ guns) you need to micro each culv onto a different gat doubling Actions per min in comparison to the usual 2 culvs on a single falc or horse artillery.

In conclusion, Gats are:

  • better against culvs
  • Cheaper
  • Costs your opponent more actions per minute

All I am saying is make them not also cheaper…


They are more mobile then other artillery which is good when fighting culvs but they have less range and hit points then falconets or horse artillery. So nailing them with culvs it pretty easy since they have low hp and range.

The result isn’t the same though, because gats efficiently deliver their damage to affect the most number of units as possible with no overkill. Other artillery has overkill and doesn’t do this. And coffee mills further amplifies this to a ridiculous amount of damage compared to other cannons.

exactly this. the unit doesn’t have some stat thats definably overpowered, its just the immense efficiency of stacking the high rof with area of effect. Its not even that the unit cannot be countered, but few units are so efficient at dealing dmg

I mean yes they do efficiently spread their damage but they also have less attack. So if you run into a team that one player spam organ guns or falconets and the other players cover them the results are the same I know this for a fact because I have fought both. Now I definitely agreed with nerfing their attack against cavalry because they multiplier was to high. Fun If you had the gat guns but not fair on the receiving end. And honestly I don’t see USA much either in 1v1 or team gam. I have faced them in team games several times recently but honestly I have found that most USA players don’t seem that good. I could count on one hand the amount of actually good USA players I’ve been faced against or had on my team the last 2-3 months. If they are nerfed anymore then the unit will be useless which seems to be what you want. I would say a possible small nerf to their siege damage so they can’t get through building quickly. Late game that’s not much of a problem but in age 3 their siege damageis enough to blast through buildings.

Thats right, it costs less than falcs but can take down buildings quicker on a resource adjusted basis? Why?

That is exactly what this thread is saying. USA players don’t need to be good. USA players who aren’t actually skilled at the game get an artificially high ELO mainly because of this still OP unit. An op unit is one whose damage and utility are too high for the cost. I can’t comment on team games because I only play 1v1 ranked.

Yeah USA players I have fought are not that good and lose