Gbetos vs Goth Infantry Spam

Okay, it was a not 1v1 game (I think it was 3v3 or 4v4) (and good while ago) and I may have gotten lucky. The map was arabia.

At some point, one of the players on the enemy team had the scary Goth flood flowing out. I had masses of Gbetos, which lay waste to his Huskarls. His masses of huskarl became next to useless, my Gbetos could kite their units as well. My ally had lots of archers to kill his champs. My Gbetos destroyed his anti archer huskarls.

So how good are Gbetos vs Goth infantry spam? In my game, it stopped the Goth flood dead in its tracks.

Well, Gbetos are a counter to all infantry (well, not TK…) so…yeah ofc they are good vs huskarls?

Yeah. I sometimes find the Goth flood hard to stop. Is there even better units to stop it?

Depends. Cataphract are more supply efficient when FU. Frank throwing axeman are a bit better than gbetos, but less mobile.

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Basically most infantry unique units should be good against the Goth flood.

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Yeah its like Samurai slaughter the husk flood though swapping though swapping into champs would atleast remove the japs attack bonus but still rough vs them since the Japanese player can just fully swap into their faster hitting champs from the barracks

Shotel warriors are very useful too. I think they trade well against goth spam, and have a fast production time.

However the rest of ethiopian army are defeated by goth spam unless you have massed a ball of torsion heavy scorpions