General arrow enhancing in future?

Question to the developers: Is there a plan to enhance them in what way ever in future?

I do not dislike them at the moment but in my opinion there is still much potential, also because they are such a crucial point in medival warfare and the overall feeling when somebody is playing the game.

Thank you!


How are you thinking they should “enhance” them?

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For example, it is not homing and actually misses shots

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Well that’s never going to happen. That’s also not necessarily an “enhancement”.

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First for sure the look of arrows, they should look more like real arrows than these oversized golden blocks. I mean why does it have to be so unrealistically big when the arrows can not miss anyways

Second the flight dynamics, it should fly smoother. There are already some mods who achieved that. Adding the AOE2 missing shots mechanic could smooth down the flight mechanic, but not necessary if they find another solution.


Yeah you are right @CRothlisberger, i meant here really more the visual presentation of the arrow on the battlefield.

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They could probably improve the visual trajectory. They do get wonky at certain angles.

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Man if they just would fix that it would be already so nice!