General balance mode

Hey everyone!

So, I’ve made a mod for rebalancing some minor aspect of the game

I invite you to test it and give me feedback. As you may know, I’m not the best player arround, so if you consider yourself a decent player, take a look and give your opinion.

My goal is to reach either devs or pro players, and give them some ideas to finishing the balance of the game


New version availaible! come and test it :slight_smile:

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I can’t really playtest it (I mean I can rekt the AI with current balance ETK/ele archer 11) but I still have quite a lot to say:

Berbers demolition ships that are stronger with a bigger explosion: just why? Those units are already the fastest in the game. It could be either too strong or marginally better depending on the situation.

Ele archers with a minimum range: well, what’s the use to buff them if then you add a change that make them get rekt by cav/pikes even harder than they used to?

Fishing bonus: Seriously, why nerf a bonus because some biased maps have been in the spotlight for a month? It will still make Indian auto-pick on fish heavy maps, but it will make them less attractive in say, Nomad or Mega random, or will reward them less when they think out of the box and go for a small random pond on other maps.

Khmer without gold shatf mining: no idea. Some believe not having this = bad eco, others don’t care.

Ballista ele with more range and attack: You think “official” Khmer are OP? Oh god I hope no one will play as them vs you on this mod because THIS is OP material right there. Both these buffs mean your eles can be safer from their counters while doing even more pass through damage. Oh and if a civ happens to have no siege engineer it means that FU Elite Ballista Eles will have the same range as their onagers. That’s ridiculous.

Cheaper blacksmith for Magyars: I don’t get what’s the purpose. Of course it would be a buff, but I don’t feel like Magyar are weak or anything.

Karambit costing less food: This unit is less popular than it used to be because they reduced the gold efficiency. If you’re going for infantry spam as Malay you should have a good food eco anyway so I don’t see this accomplishing much.

Kamandaran: making it more expensive and in available in Imp sounds like common sense to me.

Persian TC no longer faster in Dark: it does get out Persian out of S tier for sure. But it might get it super low on the tier list again, and Kamandaran being this late wouldn’t help too much. How about the bonus only affects villager creation and not technologies (Idea that I’ve read on Discord)?

Mayan nerfs: I guess those are actual nerfs (I still struggle to see how +10 ressources on the archer UU that belongs to the civ that gets both a huge discount and more ressources truely matters)

Briton TC bonus nerfed: Why? this bonus never caused trouble as far as I know.

Shotels cost less gold: ok we don’t see these guys often, but bear in mind they are fast and can 3 shot vills in Castle and 2 shot in Imp. Plus they are brutal against buildings, so making them almost as gold cheap as champions might get out of hand.

Turks and Burmese tweaks: awww, a shame that those overlap with the Persian bonus. The later isn’t that great, and I don’t think it will feel to good for the other two, especially knowing that the mass of archers to 1 shot a LC or Cavalier is smaller than the one that does the same to Palas.

I think that’s a pretty good chunk already.

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Some more thoughts:
Portuguese Scouts/LC that attack 5% faster: that’s so tiny I don’t see the use. In feudal you will have to micro your scouts vs spears anyway and in Imp, the lack of HP won’t make them nearly as good as Hussars are.

Saracen camels +1 attack: If you want camels with both more HP and attack you’ve got Indians. This really doesn’t feel too inspired to me, and anyway a knight rush is still going to be way better for Saracen.

Now that I think of it, the Chinese change doesn’t seem to accomplish much. Right now the civ has been made so that your late-game army is literally asking to die to onagers so it’s not like it has no weaknesses or anything. Chinese go for max Xbow anyway in Castle, and Chu Ko Nu will be used in Imp, so a slight decrease in training time and +5 wood cost won’t change anything in late-game as you drown under wood and have several castles anyway.

Thanks for the reply man. Gonna go point to point:

Berbers: i’m trying to give them some real advantages on water. Yeah, depending on the situation could be really useful or not, but that’s the idea. Being different from other water civs.

Ele archers: well, now the do a lot of damage and have a great range. They are not conceived as a meat shield. Rather an super tanky archer in the back. Minimum range make them die when they are reached. Otherwise would be quite broken
Fishing bonus: maybe you’re right.

Ballista elephant : yeah, maybe should nerf the range of elite version. You’re right.

Magyar: they’re not weak. But they could usr a minimal eco bonus. They feel a little step behind other civs in terms of eco. That’s the why of tjis bonus

Karambit: costing less food goes in synergy with 2hand costing only food. That way they could fill different roles

Persian : yeah, maybe you’re right. Nerfing kamandaran maybe it’s just enough.

Kamandaran and mayans:thanks!

Britons :they still saves 110 w per tc. Britons CA is quite brutal.

Shotels: I’m just trying to balance UU. Maybe could change it to - 5g instead of - 10g if it’s to much.

Burmese and turks: actually z the turk bonus does not overlap with this one. Anyway, i’m still thinking about this bonuses. The idea is to give this civs an easier answer to archers

Portuguese:actually, it makes a difference. Portuguese scouts wins in a one in one battle, even if they’re hit before hitting the enemy. Trust me, more would be op. The idea is not no give them something as good as hussar, rather to have a better feudal.

Saracen camels: they do far better against knights, but specially against archers and infantry. my idea is to give sarracens the chance to focus mainly in camels, since their Imperial age camels are amazing (not as good as imperial camels).

Andthe idea with the Chinese is to make their deathball composition to take a litte longer. The same than Mongols.

Thanks very much for your review, man! I’m still going through changes


I’m especially interested in the Portuguese new bonus rationale. I guess that if the purpose is to make their scout better in scout battles then don’t forget to make it starting from feudal like they did for the Frank one.


Thanks! Yes, the bonus starts in Feudal age

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Also what about Shipwright on Berbers? I’ve always found it made 0 sense for them to lack it.

Well, if I give the demo ship bonus, I can’t give them shipwright, is the law :stuck_out_tongue:

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New version (The other one just die xD )

Thanks for your support!

I know I’m going to be disappointed by the truth but is the Yaya a meme reference to this dude 11

Hahaha no, it’s not an reference to him xD. Yayas actually existed on the ottoman army