General movement bug?

Hello everyone,

Well… It is happening quite often. When I am micro managing my troops movement:

It occurred during my last game while trying to make my mangudais disengage. I clicked several time so they put some distance but they were moving Two steps, stopping then attacking closest target… Even noticing this on time and micro managing the path didn’t help. Quite annoying frankly.

May be a bug, may be a network latency… But I prefer to report it in case something can be done about it.

I would add an other fact. When I order to attack a target or an attack move, it happens also to mangudai to move really slowly, like catched in an infinite loop of “move<=>stop”

If I renew the order, they stop acting silly so it is not a great issue, but it still causes to divide more my focus when I am micro-managing an assault and leaves therefore more chance that a mistake occurs on my side.

Thanks @cmdnajib! The team is looking into a couple of bugs surrounding unit responsiveness that will hopefully help with this. Appreciate the report!

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