Genesis tournament Quarter finals are live!

at 3pm GMT (UK time)

  • 07:00 Pacific Daylight Time
  • 10:00 Eastern Standard Time
  • 16:00 Central European Time
  • 23:00 China Standard Time

Main Event Format:

The eight best players from qualifiers have moved into the main event. Here they will compete in a single-elimination bracket to find the first S-Tier Champion among them.

Round Length

  • Quarter-finals are Best of 5 and played on Saturday.
  • Semi-finals are Best of 5 and played on Sunday.
  • Finals is a Best of 7 series and played on Sunday.

Round Maps

  • The First map is always Lipany.
  • For the longer series, Loser picks map from the pool, they cannot choose a map already played.
  • Map Pool: Altai, Boulder Bay, Danube River, Dry Arabia, Hill and Dale, High View, King of the Hill, Lipany, Mongolian Heights, and Mountain Pass.

Round Civs

  • The First map is always free civ choice with Blind pick.
  • For the longer series, the winner can’t repeat their choice again in the series.


Name Team Game Experience QP Ranking1 Comp AoE4 Rank2
LucifroN Warcraft 3, Starcraft 2, Heroes of the Storm 14th Unranked
TheViper GamerLegion Age of Empires 2 3rd Unranked
RecoN Age of Mythology, Age of Empires Online 19th Unrakend
Hera Aftermath Age of Empires 2 27th Unranked
MarineLorD Koka Authentique Pépite StarCraft 2, Age of Empires 2 2nd Unranked
TheMista Age of Mythology, StarCraft 2, Age of Empires Online 21st 29th
VortiX Warcraft 3, Starcraft 2, Heroes of the Storm 10th Unranked
Kasva 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports Age of Empires 2 12nd Unranked

1 Rankings as of making of this on Nov 11th, only main account.

2 Comp AoE Rank only takes completed events results into account.

Start Times (Sat & Sun):

  • 07:00 Pacific Daylight Time
  • 10:00 Eastern Standard Time
  • 15:00 Greenwich Mean Time
  • 16:00 Central European Time
  • 23:00 China Standard Time
  • 02:00 Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Sunday/Monday)
  • Alternative: When this post is 24 hours old the event will start.

Games Start times:


  • 15 GMT: VortiX vs Kasva
  • 17 GMT: MarineLorD vs TheMista
  • 19 GMT: RecoN vs Hera
  • 21 GMT: TheViper vs LucifroN


  • TBD GMT: Semis 1
  • TBD GMT: Semis 2
  • TBD GMT: Finals

On Social Media:

  • Youtube: #EGCGENESIS, EGC GENESIS, or some variation of it.
  • Twitch: EGC’s GENESIS, EGC’s $20k GENESIS (Qualifying), or some variation of it.

Media Coverage:

Where to watch:

The official broadcast will be on EGC’s Twitch channel. The event is open broadcast with rules outlined on the EGC Discord, so your favorite commentator will probably be on the mic casting the action this weekend.

Useful links:

GENESIS Resources

EGC Resources


I stole all of this from but doubt they care. Should be a fun watch!


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Looking forward to it.

Live now! Wolololololo

Wow first game and France gets dumpstered by Dehli.


Kasva didn’t seem to know how essential it was to shut down those sacred sites.

Going to be interesting if its a big feature today.

Also big fan of the double mosque - convinced its the way forward.

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Yeah it made me want to try Delhi. I guess until now people have been ignoring economic potential of sacred sites and how they can free up villagers for other tasks/builds. It’s like free villagers.

Been interesting so far.

Feel like everyone’s had a week of training their anti-French game on a number of civs.
And then… weirdly, everyone is going “yeah yeah yeah, France is the best” and then seems to be making rather bad decisions as France - possibly for want of practice.

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Yeah it seems France are not quite as OP as people make out it’s just a very ne game and we’d yet to discover good anti French strategies. Could maybe still use small nerf though.

Interesting facts about Mista living/working on a farm and having 3 hours of sleep before this.

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Would be better if 4 games out of 5 didn’t end with a ram push at the 13th minute imo. At this point, trying to expand at all is just an insta loss

But the people who won with ram pushes got to that point by expanding in a lot of these games?

Did they? Hera just tried to expand by building a fast second TC and then he got recked in 2 minutes flat by a single push from RecoN who focused on siege. That’s usually how it goes

Maybe not in that game but in the others they did it by expanding forward with their military and making rams near enemy base. I guess you meant expand as in making buildings in more places so yeah I get your point.

Yeah, by expanding I meant going for a second TC or at least investing in their base a bit more before attempting a big push

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Unless you think the game should never be ended earlyish (pre Imperial?) - I think rams are kind of necessary.

Hera was always going to be on the backfoot in that game arguably from the map seed - but he also came off worse in the early engagements and then took an expansion. Then for some reason he decided to engage with his Springalds south of his TC rather than behind it. I feel if he’d kept his Springalds behind his TC I think he could have sniped out any rams and taken advantage of his greater LOS to try and get a hold. If Recon moves his Springalds Hera could have sniped them as they moved up - and that would start to equalise the forces in army. Instead he took a fight he was always going to struggle with on fairly even terms and got crushed.

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I think Hera was trying to take out 1 or 2 springalds by surprise. Since he had a smaller army, getting rid of enemy springalds would’ve been a good way of weakening the push.
I’m not sure putting his springalds behind the TC would’ve been a deciding factor. Recon had a huge army advantage, and the defensive building fire was already on the ram so he could literally have dived behind the TC with his cav to take out Hera’s springalds, while his own springalds could have provided support (i.e, the exact same thing he did south)

I do think games should be able to end early, but I think it happens much too often right now. Losing a big battle in feudal age snowballs way too much in the current meta, same for trying to play eco instead of full army.

I kind of agree but at the same time the AOE2 games that could last 1-2 hours with waves of trash hitting each other at a stalemate got a little boring. It’s kind of nice how seige is more effective.

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on certain maps in casual games, sure. But competitive games rarely lasted more than 50 minutes or so (at 1.5 speed, so it was actually closer to 35 minutes of real time)

Anyway, a 2 hour game would be one extreme, but the meta right now is another. I don’t think we’ve even seen the Imperial Age in this tournament so far. Come to think of it, I don’t remember seeing a single trebuchet or bombard either. It legit feels like half the game doesn’t exist

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I think its a fair argument that this is just how 1v1 goes unless you are playing a weird map (uh… Black Forest).

Because you either win in the feudal era/early castle tech up - see the last 2 games - or you get that Springald duel, one side wins, and then they send in a ram and end it and the otherside can never engage without losing everything.

The only way you get late on is if one side is way ahead and then somehow completely throws it - or just decides to sit on that fact. Which can happen on ladder, but for good players shouldn’t really happen.

Until it happens.