Genie Editor, AOE 1 crashes if not going to both scenarios and single player menu

I have been creating a mod for a longer time now and i have encountered a weird bug.
If i try to boot the game directly to single player or to scenario editor the game crashes.
But if i go first in the menu of the scenario editor and then in the menu of single player; then i can boot the game in both single player mode and scenario editor, otherwise it always crashes, but if i have visited both menus then the game never crashes.

Anyone else experiencing this, or have any idea why this happens or how could it be fixed?
the mod is for UPatch and i have installed UPatch 1.1 R4.

I have had this before and i temporarily fixed it by reverting Clubman back to the normal values.
This time reverting Clubman didn’t fix the problem.

The mods current “odd” changes to the Clubman:
Reload time: 1.5 -> 2.5
Shown reload time: 1.5 -> 2.5
Projectile unit: none -> 9 - Missile - Arrow

I added the Projectile in the Clubman so that the animation would have delay between hits. Without projectile the Clubman animation had no delay and was showing in its normal 1.5 reload time even though the damage came in 2.5 seconds interval.

Have you reached out to the developer of UPatch? They may be able to help you.