German sound file error - Death of a hero

Game Version:

  • Build 2.7.4511863


There is a bug with German speech sound. If a Hero dies, the game plays “A Hero has fallen” in English. In German, it should sound like “Ein Held ist gefallen.” In the original game version, this was correct. Can you fix this please? Thanks.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Let Arkantos die in any campaign mission for example while playing the game in German. All other sounds are played in German, except this one.

will this be fixed in 2.8?

SAME THERE… and still going on the Spanish version.

Instead of the legendary “ha caido un heroe” it says the default a hero has fallen… and its so out of place

This isn’t an error. It’s how it’s always been for every language. There’s no way to fix it without completely changing how that sound works.

I remember the audio “Ein Held ist gefallen” from the original AoM game. Maybe it is handled in the Extended Edition differentely. For me an unlocalized audio string is an error, when all other audio strings are translated.

If that’s true, maybe they sold localised versions of the game.

The sound file is triggered the same way as the units saying “prostagma” and other things. There’s no way to have different sets of those sounds for different languages.

They could do it using the Steam language preferences. I swapped the file with my old AOMX installation.