Germans should get their lower-pop Outlaws back, been missing them for a few months

Thanks to their reliance on coin for mercs as well as their housing card Palatine Settlements, the Jerries have had better success than most civs in integrating Outlaws into their strats. However, according to the devs the Mercenary Camps card from October was designed to replace the generic European card “Theaters” which reduces Outlaw pop cost by -2. Unfortunately, Mercenary Camps doesn’t reduce Outlaw pop cost, so an entire set of map-specific strategies involving that card have been wiped off the face of the earth for seemingly no reason while all the other Euro civs still get to bask in the glory of low-pop Outlaws.

The October patch also heralded in a large-scale Outlaw rebalancing, and as of the January PUP about half of all Outlaws can be lowered to a pop-cost that is competitive with standard-trainable units with the Theaters card. Despite this, no major Outlaw-specific strats have taken over either the ladder nor the tournament scene so I don’t think it would be game-breaking to add the pop cost reduction back to their Mercenary Camps card (which is a whole age above Theaters to boot).

It’s also probably worth mentioning that Germany is the first of any Euro/Asian civ to get a card that enables specific Outlaw recruitment with their Witch Hammer card for Inquisitors. But Inquisitors are a 4-pop low-stat melee infantry unit so they’re not even among the more potentially-broken Outlaws for that reason (getting reduced to 2 pop with Theaters). Only problem with Inquisitors is that they count as a “healing unit” so they get their cost halved with Team Patriarchy from Russia but that should be nerfed anyway with Team Patriarchy applying a +50% cost back onto Inquisitors specifically to even it out.


Why Germans are plenty powerful as they are. They don’t need buffs

Hardly a buff, more a reversal of a nerf. Besides, Mercenary Camps is honestly pretty weak and low-tempo. If you already had a Tavern out when you ship it you’re losing .36c/s and 1250 hp on it and only get that back if you build 2 more. Especially for an age 3 card, adding this rider effect it’d be a slightly more competitive option compared to normal Theaters at age 2.


Thank you for bringing this up and providing thoughtful input. We are discussing this matter internally and following the conversation here as well. Cheers.