Germany needs nerf

why they dont nerf germany?

Because it doesn’t need one.


Yeah you may need to explain why? Have you looked at any of the other posts about nerfs? Germany is not exactly on these lists

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Yes, the war cart with its 1000 hp and its 92 damage and its multipliers against artillery, cavalry and shock infantry. It’s ridiculous for its price.

1000 hp on a 3 pop unit isn’t terribly unexpected, and that’s after 3 cards and imperial age upgrades. they’re slow and have melee resist. they’re definitely good units, dont get me wrong, but again-
1050 hp is 350 per population, about the same as a carded hussar, but without range resistance. they are vulnerable to massed skirms and lose to most other dragoon type units. They are also vulnerable to extra fast melee infantry such as rodeleros, which have bonus vs abstractCavalry.

I would argue its the 18 range that makes war wagons strong in the late game, much more than the other stats. I think germany is a fairly well balanced civ, although it is my least favourite civ to play against in 1v1


Germany does not need to be nerfed. It’s bad enough as it is that you have to FF every game because you get bad units in age 2


o que eu acho que deveriam nerf e os embarque da era 3 tem apenas 2 ulanos ea carroça de guerra e muito forte contra cava e inf pesada

jogar 1v1 contra Alemanha e muito chato ! eu geralmente em jogos ranqueados e quando pego um oponente com Alemanha eu desisto porque ulano são muito chatos de lidar

I love play germany in african maps and make outlaws/mercs.

Germany need more viability in age 2.


WW is strong in late game with 18 range and shipments. But before aren’t nice, manny light cav/dragoons are better.

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