Germany Tweaks

Some tweaks germany can use for their cards and dopplesoldners and make them feel better to play.

2+ pop melee infantry are too expensive for what they provide, and that’s a shame since dopplesoldners are a cool unit. they are currently more expensive than abus guns, bow riders, and soldadoes while being much less useful generally. soldadoes even have 25% more hitpoints, melee resistance and melee damage without taking into account their ranged attack. aoe on infantry is too overvalued.

Dopplesoldner cost reduced to 100 gold/60 food to match the stats that they give and encourage their usage in age 2. shipments adjusted to compensate. they are now royal guard by default with the Zweihander church upgrade replaced by the prince-electors card. Solingen steel now increases their melee resistance to 50% and adds 1 aoe in exchange for increasing their cost by 25% rather than touching move speed and damage/hp.

macemen also should not be 3 pop for the stats they give.

Remove hand infantry/cavalry combat cards in age 2. change hand infantry/cavalry combat cards in age 3 to generic infantry/cavalry combat cards. change Tillies Discipline from the royal church into an age 4 card and add in a 10% combat increase to infantry as well. change Spanish riding school to match, with increased cost in exchange for 10% combat as well as the move speed. remove the long-range infantry hp card.

mercenary combat card removed. Wallenstein’s Contract now cheaper and available in age 2 and changed to improve mercenary and outlaw cost/hp/damage/train and shipment time as well as reduce outlaw pop cost rather than make certain mercenary shipments free.

add a royal church upgrade that replaces pikemen with line infantry for 1000g and allows you train line infantry at 1 pop from the barracks. these line infantry can build fortifications and military buildings. into the trenches!

the Lipizzaner Cavalry card now increases uhlan and Totenkopf hussar hp/damage by 30% and gives them a powerful lance attack with a new lance model/animation in exchange for increasing their food cost by a flat 50. this should make uhlans roughly pop and cost efficient with hussars.

something for their needle gunners. they feel very bland and unexciting. I had hoped for something inspired the Austrian windbuchse assassins, but anything is fine.

remove Germantown farmers card and allow town centers to train settler wagons by default. normal settlers have their build limit reduced to 80. move the Guild Artisans card into the royal church upgrade.