Get rid of some toxic challanges

Today I had to play a game of Empire wars in order to get my challenge. Well I queued up, got a game and left it after some seconds (explaining my enemy why I leave, saying sorry). Got the challenge, while not having to really play empire wars (what I do not enjoy). So whats the point of such challenges? It just destroyes the fun for the people who like to play that mode when hundrets of people in queue only want to get that challenge and leave after some seconds…
I get that the real problem is me, who leaves, but why should I play a mode I do not like?


Why would you queue up for multiplayer if you get the challenge for single player as well?


Because in the challenge title it says: “Using QUICK PLAY, play an empire wars game”, in the description it says: “Play an empire wars game in the brand new QUICK PLAY feature”.

As far as I understood that strange quick play feature is a multiplayer matchmaking thing?


Ah okay, I assumed it was the same as the Battle Royal challenge.
I think the challenges are in theory a nice way to push people towards the new modes, but I think they should remove this stupid progression of one per day.
The way it is right now you just log on to do the challenge, even if you dont want to play, because well you have to, to unlock the next one.
If this was not the case people could just go and do the challenge when they actually feel like giving the mode a try.


Well I do not know tbh if you could get the challenge with SP as well… havent tested it, but well maybe that would be possible.

exactly this

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singing you answered yourself

they specifically do it 1 a day to encourage players to log in when they wouldnt necessarily log in… like i might not wanna play aoe today, but ill log in just do to the challenge, otherwise i need to wait yet another 24hr to unlock the next level when im done tomorrow…

thats the theory anyway… i dont like these rewards though… been very specific ones like that “researching” stuff over the buildings that i liked, the rest are generally stupid aesthetics that dont fit aoe2


Well, sure. I am aware that is the theory. I just don’t think it does much for the game. Whenever there was a specific challenge I could not complete by just playing the game I would go into single player, do the challenge in 10 minutes and be done with it. Not much the game is gaining from that.
If they are challenges like
“play x amount of games”
“kill x units of type a, b etc”.
i.e. progression challenges, where you need to do a certain amount of a task, that cant be completed within a single match, they will lead people to play more, they are in theory useful. Challenges like “Hey, we introduced this new game mode, play 1 match in it” are not, when they are tied to one challenge per day. They are more useful, if you let the player decide when he is in the mood for playing that game mode.


Profile icons don’t look that great. They should look more serious in my opinion.


Obviously they make these challenges so that people try the game mode. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to participate. Queuing up for a multiplayer game and then leaving because you never planned to play it is kind of selfish behavior (you’re wasting time of others who do want to play).

It’s the same behavior of people who quit the game if they don’t get their favorite map.

Don’t blame your own behavior on the game.


You can get quite a lot of them via singleplayer too so there’s definitely no reason to be a quitter.

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I know for sure it isn’t alt-f4 ing a game

The challenges aren’t toxic, alt-f4 ing, especially for these reasons is


Sure, as I said in original post, I know about that being selfish behaviour.
But I want to get the challenge that is coming after that one, so I have to somehow complete every single one that comes before… No solution to the problem

Well my reason is to unlock all the challenges that come after that one… so I would say thats a rather good reason.

Just make challenges that are possible to be achieved in SP, so I do not have to alt F4 anything

This was like the only challenge that needed to be in a MP game to have that achieved

So maybe try better next time

You could habe just played this one time an empire wars like a decent person. In my opinion you failed the “challenge” and waisted your opponents time and instead of knowing what you did wrong you came here to whine.

I hope we can get a team surrender vote like in lol so that people like you that are alt f4 prematurely can have their deserved multilayer timeout.

Rly toxic player behaviour in my opinion that is way too tolerated as seen by a recent long discussion about mat abanodong his teammates and then blaming them for not helping and booming.


Do not worry, I went 1v1 so at least only 1 person is affected…

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well and every single battle royale one…

But I see: noone feels like me, and I am really bad… thanks everyone.
I just do not think that I am the only one doing it that way, so I just wanted to point out that these challenges honor toxic bahaviour, and that is something I consider really bad…

A lie

You can play that with AI and get the achievement

They don’t honour toxic behaviour, instead they expose toxic players.

You are looking for sympathy and other players that feel like you… Honestly only thing you are achieving is exposing yourself as toxic.

But I agree with you in one point. Challenges should not force players to play multilayer. Everything should be single player doable!

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This was all I wanted to achieve, thanks so much :smiley:

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Tbf, this probably will be the only one

Because they only did that because of the Quick Play and not Battle Royale

Meaning new game modes in future will not force you to play them on MP