Getting a timeout for a fair reason is more frustrating than when people dropped

So, i went into a game, and waited about 2-3 minutes in the loading screen for the enemy to load. At that moment, I’m starting to think that he might have dropped/has connection issues or whatever, so I just alt+f4 as i don’t want to spend the rest of the afternoon looking at a loading screen.

I try to join a game afterwards, and to my surprise, i’m the one with a 5 minutes timeout for something IMHO is unjust. What should I have done? Waited 10 minutes for him to load?

I think being wronfully put into a timeout is way, way more annoying than when people drop.

2-3 minutes on the load screen is fine - I would suggest waiting those full 10 minutes. A low amount of patience is far from commendable. You need to take into account that maybe the servers are being a little slow or that someone’s machine might be a little slower than you’re used to when loading the map.

The solution for alt+F4 is just so lazy… is like being robber by a green hat guy and put in jail all persons with a green hat…

Without those time outs to anyone leaving before min 5 for whatever reason, people will dodge like nothing, i don’t think the devs are reconsidering remove their BS timeouts, they might as well just apply the punishment to the first one leaving the game and they will call it a day until the next patch.