Getting a white screen on startup

AoE was working fine, however, I opened it today and all I get is a white screen with sound. Tried a few fixes, including installing it again but it remains an issue.
Any solutions would be great.

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Have you tried deleting the startup videos? Because the first video starts white and maybe it hangs on this one.
Or the error check via Steam can also try.

@laknx I have the same problem - after one of the updates a while back the game will just go to a white screen upon starting the game.

I’ve made sure all of my drivers are up to date etc.

Very sad to lose access to AOE4 because of this bug :frowning:

I tried deleting the starting video called sega intro but it didn’t do anything. I can press the space bar to skip the video and my cursor appears, but none of the content. Like the game is running behind the white screen or something.

Ill try the error check via steam.