Getting incorrect season 4 rewards

I got above 1600 points multiple times and 9 days before season ended. I was precisly on 1600 points and decided to stop playing to get that C3 badge.

I just logged in and got a notification that i was congratulated with Conq2 badge. I go to aoe4 world and see i’ve suddenly got 1595 points!?

What happened to my 5 points? Elo decay should kick in after 15 days of inactive play. I grinded so extremly hard for getting this Conq3 badge and dedicated so much time and energy in it. And you just take it away from me?

I would really like for me to get the Conq3 badge for season 4 since i’ve invested so much in it. Could you please explain to me what happened here? I’m really demotivated and extremly sad about this…

Apologies; not sure what is going on here. We have had a few reports of decay happening too soon—we’re definitely investigating.