Give a purpose to siege towers

how about converting towers instead, instead of ramming them down in castle age you convert em for your own defense? castles are a bit too valuable

I like this better,
Castle conversion is just too unfair

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I built a couple towers in a ranked arena match and the enemy came from the west of my towers so i was hurrying to get over his wall. I may have clicked 25 times to my second tower to go over the wall, panicking, then it eventually let my soldiers out. On the wrong side of the wall. Thanks, siege tower.

Agreed that they are underutilized.

  1. Cost is the biggest factor. They should be less expensive than a ram, because the ram at least removes the wall for a hoard of attackers. And, the ram can go on to destroy buildings.

  2. Ability to drop people over up to two adjacent walls, one building, or one building + wall. The game seems to always give the edge to aggression rather than turtleling.

3a. When the tower is not moving, garrisoned archers can fire. This encourages using siege towers for more than infantry.

3b. Garrisoned archers considered on higher ground.

They should just make them able to fire, and deal extra damage against Archers.

Then they could give Turks a Siege Tower bonus, to encourage usage.

Wikipedia indicates it was common for archers to fire over walls using siege towers.

Turks and other gunpowder civs should be able to upgrade them to Battery Towers to hold cannons.

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This may be going too far, since it would clash in role with the Bombard Cannon.
Could be a cool UU, though.

The whole purpose of Siege Towers, was to allow the besieging army to approach enemy walls at the same height level, and be able to derictly oppose enemy archer on the Walls.

I like the idea of making it cheaper

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I presume making it similar in cost to a battering ram isn’t viable? It’s not like siege towers would replace rams, since rams take out walls and buildings, and siege towers can’t transport cavalry over walls.

It might just have too much impact on say arena where you could go crossbows and siege tower, or longswords and siege tower slightly easier than now.

And it doesn’t look silly to have rams just pathing back and forward to soak arrow fire. I’m guessing siege tower looks silly because it’s tall.

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I like the idea of making them able to fire, but only if ST will be garrisoned. Damage output should be also lower than normal damage form equal numbers of ungarrisoned archers - so players will decide, what they want more, faster kill or safer archers.

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