Give control of some units to your allies

Hello, I have an idea for team games : adding an option to transfer the control (not the ownership) of some units to an ally, so that your ally can now command part of your army, or inversely. This would notably allow a greater coordination on multiple front wars, for example letting an ally control the troops you sent to defend his town while you focus on another front.

This would not actually be giving the unit to said ally, to prevent the very obvious exploit of having a player massing a huge army far beyond the pop limit, but simply allowing your ally to give orders to a selected group of units.

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It is currently possible to do something a bit similar in the lobby: If two players choose the same color, they will both control the same nation. This does allow for greater coordination on multiple front wars, but it is not temporary.

It’s possible right now but I meant in a normal team situation with each player having his own civ.

i wouldn’t mind if it were possible in coop campaigns or custom games, but never in ranked team play. Coordination is a key part of the game.