Give Cumans Bracer Poll

Do the Cumans need Bracer? I think as cavalry archer civ they should at least have this tech. It seems rather ridiculous that they do not have it. Granted, the Huns, don’t get the last armor tech for their cavalry archers.

If somehow it makes them OP. Just do some kind of nerf. Or buff them in some other way if they can’t get Bracer.

  • Yes.
  • No.

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Honestly I can’t choose. Kipchaks must have to go through some change if they get Bracer. There are 2 options.

Option 1
Reduce Kipchacks range 4->3. Non-elite Kipchak ROF reduced from 2.2->2.0 to compensate the range. Leave Elite Kipchak unchanged.

Option 2
Increase Elite Kipchaks ROF 2.2->2.4 so that extra range comes with less DPS. Leave non-elite Kipchak unchanged.

I don’t think bracer is what holds cumans back.
It’s a complicated thing and it seems, devs also don’t really know what to do with cumans right now.
Looks like you can’t go too far away from the meta line with civs in the current design of aoe2. There are far too many strats to be considered for development of new civs.

I personally think something like a “half” town center in feudal could somehow be balanced, but a whole one is just either insta win or lose.

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I think they could give them bracer but remove chemistry, they don’t have any gunpowder units anyway


I wish there was a “No. but they need other changes” option. Do I think Cumans need changes? Oh yeah, but Bracer isn’t the biggest issue.


Extra range for Kipchaks can still be OP.

The damage is the same tho and it makes no difference in castle age where the kipchak is the most powerful and makes they’re HCA usable in imp but still bellow average

Debatable. Extra speed and faster training time is very decent without any doubt but one less attack over generic is huge as well.

We need the gift of flaming arrows.

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Do you pick up chemistry the second you reach Imperial?
  • Yes.
  • No.
  • It depends.

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Palisade wall extra HP restore to +50% but becomes a Civ Bonus. Get a new Team Bonus.

The way I see it, their problem is their second TC in feudal. That’s the only thing that’s holding them back, not late game bracer.
I just hope devs could find a way to fix that TC without making it OP. When that happens, I bet cumans will be a top 10 -or even top 5- solid civ.


There isn’t any way to do that, the Feudal TC reduced building time holds them from being broken on closed mapswhere they can pull that sick eco.

The only option is removing the second TC but then It will do more damage than good.

Also remember, they have feudal rams and castle age capped rams, any way to fix it=making that bonuses broken on Arena.

I think the best way to start is increasing the Kipchak training time to 27 seconds but then Steppe Husbandry affects Kipchaks, elite kipchak also could see its ROF reduced to 2.0

I think reducing Feudal TC build time 270 → 240 seconds won’t hurt.

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One option could be making the feudal TC (and only that one) a little bit cheaper. Just enough saved wood so Cumans could train 2 extra archers in feudal might be nice.